Growing crops free of chemicals is possible with organic fertilizer.  Although the soil can provide nutrients to plants and crops, many farmers, plant growers and even garden owners rely on fertilizer to keep their plants healthy and to yield more crops.  However, most fertilizers contain chemicals that pose a danger to one’s health, add to that the fact that many people now demand for chemical free crops. 

This type of organizer occurs naturally.  It includes manure, guano, and worm castings to name a few.  Compost, fish meal, humic acid and bone meal are examples of processed organic fertilizer that remain chemical free.  It is obtained from both vegetable and animal matter so it costs less.  It does not only keep people healthy; it is also safe for the environment.

Chemical free fertilizers are widely used by many garden owners and plant growers because of the benefits it gives.  It contains nitrogen, potassium and phosphorus.  These three chemical compounds are essential in keeping a nutrient rich soil.  The insoluble nitrogen found in organic fertilizer increases the nutrients of the soil and activates those already existing.  It slowly releases such nutrients so over fertilization is not a problem.  Phosphorus aids flowers and roots to develop and grow while potassium ensures plant health. 

The fertility of the soil remains intact once the fertilizer is applied that there is no need to frequently fertilize the crops like in inorganic fertilizer.  The over all condition of the soil is improved since it helps the soil retain its moisture and prevent erosion.  It also wards off insects and weeds known to cause damage to crops and plants.    Since it contains no chemicals, it yields products that are healthier to eat.  It is also cheaper than inorganic fertilizer because it mainly utilizes components that are naturally occurring in the environment. 

Using organic fertilizer is a healthier option.  It is not only earth friendly but also free of harmful ingredients.  Although organic and inorganic fertilizers both contain the same kind of compounds, those found in inorganic fertilizers are of the dangerous kind.  The nitrogen in chemical fertilizers rapidly dissolves in water.  When this happens, nitrogen can contaminate water sources.  Chemical fertilizers also use unsafe formulation of potassium and phosphorus so it may do more harm than good.

There are numerous sellers of organic fertilizer in the market.  Gardening supplies stores carry various types of these fertilizers.  It is categorized according to its functions so consumers will not have a hard time choosing what to buy. 

Doing your own chemical free fertilizer is also possible.  Garden owners can make their own compost.  It is made up of organic material that is left to decompose.  These materials are divided into green and brown.  Green ingredients include green leaves, fruit peelings, vegetables, grass and teabags.  On the other hand, brown materials include fresh manure, brown leaves, shredded cornstalks, dried grass and sawdust.  Place the right amount of ingredients in a compost bin.  The compost will be ready in nine to twelve months.  Chemical free organic fertilizer is the healthier and cheaper way of growing plants and maintaining a garden.