Fish oil should be in everyone’s home because of how it benefits your memory, heart, skin and hair. It’s even better if you owned a bottle of organic fish oil because this form of fish oil offers excellent benefits. Organic fish oil is  oil that hasn’t been manufactured with additives or other chemicals which could be harmful to your body. Organic fish oil supplements can be found at natural health stores, drugstores and online health retailers. Not all organic fish oil supplements which claim to be organic are actually organic so you need to ask the salesclerk to verify that the supplements are indeed organic.

To ensure that you’re getting the best organic fish oil supplements, find out where the the oil came from. New Zealand and Australia’s waters are considered the best sources for this oil since they’re not heavily contaminated with mercury or other toxins. If the organic fish oil supplements smell too fishy, then they are not genuine  oil supplements. The  supplements should have a seal of certification from a credible agency that regulates organic products.

The organic fish oil benefits are about the same as regular oil from fish. The only difference is that organic fish oil is made from all natural ingredients while regular fish oil may have small traces of unwanted chemicals in it. When you research brands of organic  oil, read a few alternative health magazine articles to see which  fish oil brands they recommend. Another idea is to read blogs on this topic. Talk to friends who use this oil and get recommendations.

Supermarkets and drugstores are not the best places to purchase organic fish oil supplements because the supplements don’t sell quickly at these stores and some of the supplements may be expired. If you’re buying these oil supplements from the supermarket you should check the expiration date so you’ll get a fresh product.

Also keep in mind that organic fish oil may be pricey but you can still get this oil at affordable prices. The first place to look for bargains is the natural health food store. During the week they carry discounts on the oil and this is how you can save money on the oil. Another idea is to use manufacturers’ coupons because they often have a huge percentage off the regular price.It also allows you to get the supplements in bulk.

As for the right dosage of organic fish oil, it’s similar to that of regular fish oil. Talk with your doctor about the best dosage for your needs and if you want your children to use the oil, ask his pediatrician about the right dosage for the child. Follow the bottle’s instructions carefully and don’t take more than the required amount per day.

According to Peter Howe of the University of South Australia, fish oil can help with weight loss. This is because when you consume fish, you reduce your chances of weight gain and other obesity-related illnesses such as diabetes and kidney disease. You should still eat the fish in small portions and pair it up with brown rice or roasted vegetables with homemade vinaigrette.

If you are tired of getting the cold or flu, increase your intake of fish oil supplements because fish oil builds up your immune system and this prevents the development of colds and flus. In addition to the fish oil supplements you should take vitamin C supplements because this also builds your immune system.

Fish oil supplements are also helpful in treating arthritis symptoms according to medical researchers. In addition, fish oil helps in treating depression and anxiety. For the above-mentioned reasons, it’s clear to see that these oils benefit the body in various ways without the use of medications that may have harmful substances.

If you want to make sure that you’re choosing the safest and most effective brand, read some reviews of the  brands so you’ll get an idea of which one works. It also helps to try different fish oil brands every few months to compare brands. Ask friends who use fish oil for recommendations. Another idea is to watch news reports on finding the best fish oil brands. Community health clinics sometimes have brochures on choosing various fish oil brands.

Stay away from generic brands of these supplements because these aren’t always made of the best quality and you want fish oil that has the safest and most effective ingredients. Some dollar stores sell brand-name fish oil brands so if you frequent the dollar store, look for brands that are well-known. Also avoid brands that have ingredients that are unusual because this is a red flag. This is an oversite that many mistakenly fall victim to.

Some people assume that fish oil brands with the most EPA have the best health benefits but actually it’s the DHA that has more of the health benefits on the fish oil. The DHA has more anti-inflammatory qualities than EPA and as a result health experts recommend that you choose a brand that has plenty of DHA in it.

If you found the best  brand for your needs, you want to buy at least two bottles of them so that you’ll have enough supplements for emergencies or when you’re traveling so you won’t have to make repeated trips to the store. Also look out for discounts because this saves you money on the brands.

One of the best brands on the market is Finest Natural. These  supplements have 870 milligrams of Omega3 fatty acids. Iceland Health’s supplements are considered excellent by users of fish oil supplements because it doesn’t have impurities in them. This brand also has vitamin D in the fish oil supplements so you’re getting extra benefits for your skin. You can find Iceland Health supplements primarily online or at natural health stores. Schiff has good fish oil supplements and these have no additives.