Face it, we all are into things that are ready in an instant, such as noodles, microwave dinners, gourmets and whatnot, partly because we all live in an environment that tells us to rush, rush and rush, and these instant goodies can fill our stomachs momentarily without costing us too much time, regardless of whether or not we’re getting the nutrition we deserve. While we all don’t have the luxury of time, and we’re willing to give up proper nutrition for that, one way to give ourselves and our bodies what they really deserve is by getting ourselves some fresh, organic fruit.

Organic fruit refers to any produce that can be considered as fruits, that are free of any artificial additives like flavorings or pesticides. Organic fruit are also natural-born fruit that have not been injected with any artificial growth factors. Genetically modified produce are not considered organic fruit. Generally speaking, organic fruit is natural, untouched fruit.

Benefits of organic fruit

Organic fruits are all the rage right now because of their advantages over other fruit. So, you ask, what are their benefits and why in the world should you start going with the organic fruit bandwagon? Here are some answers for you.

As implied above, most commercially grown produce, before being sold in markets, are processed with pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, and are also exposed to high levels of irradiation and sewage sludge.  While these are meant to protect consumers from eating fruit that’s spoiled by insects or fungi, the processes that commercial fruit go through do more harm on the human body when ingested. The toxins that are derived from artificial additives are strongly linked to many ailments and medical conditions, the worst being cancer. With organic fruit, you will not have to worry about radiation or cancer; it’s as natural as it gets.

Organic fruit are very much natural and pure, as they’re grown without chemical growth enhancers or synthetic processes. While being free of any genetic changes, organic fruit are grown and cultivated with natural fertilizers and crop rotations to get the best quality produce for harvest. And due to this, organic fruit contain at least half more vitamins, minerals and enzymes than commercially grown produce, making them better not just for growing children, but for people of all ages. And not only that, organic fruit are much healthier and safer to eat than their intensively farmed counterparts, they are more friendly to the environment, too.  

It is also known to all that fruits and vegetables are crucial components of the ideal healthy diet, and that you should eat at least five servings of these everyday to get the most out of the nutrients they provide. If you want to live a very healthy life with a very healthy diet, then organic fruit is the way to go since, as mentioned, they contain much more in nutrient content than the conventional commercial fruit. For instance, if you eat an organic apple, you get nearly twice the nutrition as a commercial apple can give you.

 Tips on buying organic fruit

So you’ve finally decided to join in on the organic fruit craze. Here are a few tips to help you in buying these.

Firstly, always buy when organic fruit is in season, as they will have full flavor, and can be bought cheaper sometimes. They might even be slightly larger than when you buy them out of season. It is also a great choice to buy from the source. That way, you will know the people who grow what you eat firsthand. You may even learn a lot from befriending your organic fruit dealer.

You can also grow your own little organic farm. Store seeds of apples or tomatoes or other organic fruit and raise them. This way, you will be purchasing less organic fruit since you already have some in your garden.

Never purchase produce that has been shipped around the world, as chances are that they have artificial preservatives in them to lengthen shelf life. And if you can’t buy them in season, get organic fruit that has been preserved by natural means.

Where can I get organic fruit?

Organic fruit are commonly bought from green grocers. Make sure, though that they really are organic. And as mentioned, you can buy them directly from the source. You can even purchase organic fruit online, from websites that provide organic fruit catalogs.


Not only will organic fruit give you and your body the nutrition that’s required, it also will keep you away from hazardous food components.