Do you know someone who is a health nut, and appreciates organic fruits? Organic fruit gift baskets can really make for a great gift to purchase for someone. Organic fruits are natural without pesticides and synthetic chemicals added. Organic fruit gift baskets can be used as a "get well soon" gift for someone, or just as a birthday or special occasion gift. Fruit gift baskets can be used for anyone at any age. Both kids and adults can receive fruit gift baskets as a gift. There are some cheap deals going online for gift baskets that are nutritious, healthy, and provide the proper amount of vitamins the body requires.

Apple Organic Fruit Gift Baskets

Apple organic fruit gift baskets are popular, and can include some of the popular apple fruits like granny smith apples and red delicious apples. Organic Sparkler Gift Basket with Sparking Apple Juice is a very healthy organic fruit gift basket. The sparkler Organic fruit basket also contains apple cider. A bottle of Sonoma Sparker organic sparkling apple juice cider is included. The fruit gift basket includes organic green apples and red delicious apples. Organic oranges are also included in the gift basket. It is one of the cheaper fruit gift baskets to purchase. You can buy online at, my fast basket company, and xavier gifts for about $40 dollars. No alcohol is included, so those of all ages can enjoy the fruit gift basket.

If you're looking for apple organic fruit gift baskets containing caramel dip, Orchard's Abundance contains a variety of fruits and goodies. The gift basket includes caramel dip, cheddar cheese, organic crackers, nuts, and chocolate covered cherries. Other fruits included are pears and oranges. Only red delicious apples are featured in this basket. The combination of snacks, sweets, and cheese makes for a great gift basket! It's a bit more expensive and you can buy online at, amazon, and for the same prices at $70 dollars.

Organic Fruit Gift Baskets with Nuts

Grape organic fruit gift baskets with nuts might make for a great gift for men. Men love nuts and they're actually quite nutritious. It's a great gift basket for women, men, or children. If someone is recovering from an illness, this can make for a great gift. Nuts are great for cardiovascular health. They contain monounsaturated fats which are healthy fats. The Organic Fruit and Nuts Gift Box can be bought for cheap prices. It contains two apples and three pears. It includes chocolate covered cherries with gourmet cashews. Delicious and nutritious. The gift basket can be bought online at for just $39.95.

At you can buy a fruit basket that features cashews, cookies, jack cheese, and dark chocolate bars. All organic foods that includes organic apples and oranges. You can buy the organic fruit basket for just $39.95.

Chocolate Organic Fruit Gift Baskets

The delicious taste of chocolate for those with a real sweet tooth. Chocolate organic fruit gift baskets can be great for kids or women specifically. Whoever has that sweet tooth for chocolate. The Delightful Chocolate & Fruit Gift Basket is a bit expensive but it is loaded with chocolates and fruits. The gift comes with Seattle chocolates, Perugina white chocolates, Perungina milk chocolates, mint chocolates, dark expresso chocolate, 70% Cacao chocolates, Lady Walton chocolates, and Amaretto cookies. The fruits in the gift basket include California navel oranges, D'Anjou pears, and Fuji apples. You can buy online at for about $80 dollars. Not a cheap gift basket, but features a variety of snacks.

Organic Fruit Gift Baskets with Sausage

How about some summer sausage to go with an organic fruit gift basket? Sausage is delicious. If you're looking for a combination of foods and snacks, then you should check out Nature's Picnic fruit basket. The gift basket is expensive, but it contains wild salmon, vermont cheddar cheese, organic crackers, nuts, summer sausage, mints, and chocolate covered cherries. The fruits included are red delicious apples and pears which are completely organic. The fruit basket costs $89.99 online at amazon,, and

You can find a variety of other organic fruit gift baskets online at these places.