Just because you plant organic seeds, doesn't mean that you have an organic garden.  You will want to make sure you are using the correct organic gardening supplies to ensure your health and your safety.  Make sure your soil and plants around your garden are free of pesticides.  You want to also make sure the other garden supplies are decent supplies to use in your  garden.  Using a rake that keeps chipping off rusted pieces of metal, or sharing the supplies with other areas of your yard where you spray pesticides can be very dangerous.

Buy the Right Seeds

When planting your garden, make sure you buy the right seeds.  You are going to want to find something that GMO free and not hybrid.  This will not only ensure you are eating healthy food, but will also mean that the plants you are using in your garden will grow back the next season instead of causing you to keep purchasing new seeds every year.

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Natural Gardening Tools

The original garden supplies are probably the best ones for you to use.  Make sure you have a caddy to keep all of your supplies close by.  There is nothing worse than losing the gardening tools around your yard and not being able to find them when you need them.  All of your tools can easily be in just an arms reach with your gardening caddy.  Throw all of your weeds into the large bucket while you take out the clippers to trim down grass you can't quite reach with the lawn mower.

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Check out your local farmers market for the best organic gardening supplies including organic compost and other natural products that will help your gardening come along great.  If you really want a green garden, use the right tools such as a spade, pruners, hoe, rake, trowel, etc.  If you do have a problem with pests, there are natural ways you can get rid of them besides harmful pesticides.  Neem oil is just one example of something natural you can use to get rid of those pests that drive you nuts while you are in the garden.  This is a natural product that works wonders!  There is also a mosquito control that is made pretty much out of garlic that will help keep many of the bugs away from your garden, including the mosquitos.  What more can you ask for while working in the garden.