Here are a few Organic Gardening Tips that can help you grow a natural and healthy vegetable garden.Growing your own herbs,fruit and vegetables at home can be very rewarding and also healthy as well. But, there are many gardeners today that still use pesticides,herbicides and also fungicides that contain a lot of chemicals to help their garden grow.

Not only is it unnecessary, it is also unhealthy to use chemicals in the garden and it can make you sick if too much of it is used. Also your fruit and veggies are much more healthier to eat if they do not contain all those chemicals.

Your soil that you choose is very important as it is the foundation of your garden. Make sure it has enough nutrients in the soil to feed your garden and allow it to grow correctly. You can mix organic material such as compost, and if you are unsure, always ask someone before you begin seeding.

Other organic gardening tips that are helpful is to firstly work out what you want to grow in your garden. Do you want to plant the trees yourself or purchase the seeds instead. If you start early enough, you can choose the seeds, or you can easily purchase organic fruit and vegetable trees from your local nursery. Regardless of what you choose, make sure that you use no chemicals when growing your garden.

Always organize your garden first. Did you know that some plants can protect other plants form pests and diseases? For example, Marigolds can drive bugs away and should be planted around the base of your garden to help protect your herbs,fruits and vegetables.

Some other organic gardening tips that you should know about is always plan where your fruits,herbs and vegetables are going to be in your garden. Make sure you leave plenty of room between each plant or tree, so it can grow and thrive. If you are going to grow tomatoes, be aware that it can grow up to several feet high, so make sure that you leave enough room.

It is very common to see that gardeners purchase more pesticides,herbicides and fungicides more than farmers do as it is widely available. But did you know that you can make your own, such as using hot pepper spray on your plants which will protect them from all types of pests in the garden. Also natural predators such as lady bugs and frogs can also protect your garden from pests as well.

Other organic gardening tips that are important to remember is that you should do regular maintenance on your garden. Watering and weeding is needed to be done until it is time to harvest. Also make sure not to over water your garden, soil should be moist but not soaking and flooded. Weeding should also be done regularly to give your garden the nutrients it needs to grow and also enough room to grow effectively.

These organic gardening tips will help you have a more natural garden without any chemicals and it is very easy to do. Always remember to choose the fruit,herbs and vegetables that you and your family enjoy eating and next year you can start to grow a bigger garden.