Nowadays, more people are looking to live an organic lifestyle which may include eating organic food, using organic products and organic gardening.  Organic food products are expensive.  It usually costs more than the regular food products grown the conventional way.  Why spend a lot of money just to eat healthy when it can be grown at your own backyard.  People began to grow their own organic fruits and vegetables.  Not only do they get a daily supply of organic products that is guaranteed chemical free, they are also able to save money. 

The first thing that comes to mind in organic gardening is space.  It does not require a large area.  It only needs enough space for the pots and containers that even those living in cities or in limited spaces can start their own garden. 

Ideally, the garden area must also be situated in an area where the plants can get ample sunshine. 

An organic garden is not complete without the soil.  The growth of crops largely depends on the kind of soil it grows.  Soil that is rich in nutrients yields to more crops. 

Organic gardening also requires seeds.  Garden owners must use organic seedlings. 

Synthetic fertilizers are also not allowed as well as inorganic pesticides. 

In case of pests, organic pesticides are available in the market. 

To complete the gardening, tools like shovel, rake and watering can, among others is needed.  Organic gardening is not difficult as it may seem. 

Once you have the area for the garden, one can start planting.  Organic gardeners need to keep in mind that organic gardens are the same with ordinary gardens in terms of amount of sun needed, water and air.  It also pays to study the different kinds of crops because not all crops share the same needs. 

To fully optimize the garden, plant different crops every year since planting the same kind every year only makes the crops susceptible to disease. 

People can benefit a lot from organic gardening.  Organically grown fruits and vegetables have higher nutritional value and tastes better compared to those conventionally grown.  It is free from chemicals known to cause diseases like cancer. 

Since organic products are devoid of any chemicals, it also lessens environment pollution because of the wastes and soluble fertilizers that cause damage to water sources and bodies of water like rivers and lakes. 

Growing organic products and tending your own garden is also a form of exercise and relaxation.  Horticultural therapy utilizes gardening to keep people fit and healthy.  Garden owners swear that it also rejuvenates their spirit and gives a sense of satisfaction as they serve their own produce. 

It also teaches people to recycle.  It encourages composting as an alternative to buying fertilizers.  Through composting, wastes are put to good use and become the fertilizer of the crops.  Organic products need not be expensive. 

Through organic gardening, people do not have to spend too much money just to eat healthy.  It also teaches self sufficiency since people are being encouraged to grow their own food.