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What is organic hair styling anyway? Organic hair styling is styling the hair with the use of natural hairstyling products. Most of us want the safest and healthiest hair styling products used on our hair and many of us want to be as eco friendly as we can to help save our planet. These are the main reasons people seek to find and use natural hairstyling products. It gives you a nice feeling to know that what you are putting on your hair is natural just like your hair. Organic styling aids are easier on the hair, scalp and skin due to the fact that they don't have the added chemicals that main stream hair styling aids do.

For those with special needs such as dandruff, oily scalp, skin problems, damaged and dry hair, thin hair, excessive hair loss and others, organic hair products are a godsend. Organic hair styling aids are more gentle and compatible with our skin, hair and scalp. So it stands to reason that when we use them they will help prevent and eliminate many issues caused by chemical based hair products.

Natural Hair Styling Gel

Natural hairstyling gel is an excellent product used to achieve hold and still allow hair to move freely. As you know most main stream hair gels leave hair stiff and unmovable. Not to mention, build up and flaking that makes it look like you have dandruff! Why not try an all natural styling gel that will provide the hold you need, help the environment and keep hairstyle looking soft and beautiful. Check out Giovanni All Natural Magnetic Hair Styling Gel at It is safe for all types of hair and is made with certified organic ingredients, is never sticky or flaky and absolutely no build up.

Another natural styling gel that is made for those with sensitive scalp and skin is Real Purity Natural Hair Styling Gel. It has no harsh alcohol or synthetic fragrance and is gentle enough for the entire family from the baby to grandma. Added bonus, no cruelty, Real Purity products are not tested on animals. Go to to see the entire line of Real Purity Natural products.

Take a minute and go to a website that also carries all natural organic hair products. Their Natural Hair Gel product is sugar based, a technology that they created. You need to see this for yourself and check out the full line of organic hairstyling aids.

Natural styling gel is applied as any other gel. However, I have some tips that will help with the styling process. Consider the texture of the hair. If you have thin fine hair use a small amount, such as the size of a dime in the palm of your hand. To dilute gel add water and mix thoroughly in both hands then apply to the hairstyle from the scalp to ends.

Next be sure to comb or brush through to ensure even coverage. Thick coarse hair as well as long requires more product, but the process of application is the same. Make sure hair is towel dried and not full of water or gel cannot penetrate the hair making it an ineffective styling aid.

Organic Hair Spray

Have you ever had someone spray hairspray and it made you run out of the room? I have! Main stream chemical based hair sprays are toxic and make you afraid to breathe. Organic hair styling is a much better option don't you think? Organic hair spray is used the same as any other except that the finished result doesn't end up stiff, crispy or flaky. Why not see for yourself and give it a go.

While you're at take a peek at their organic hair sprays. They have 3 to choose from and they are: Natural Styling Spray, Natural Styling Spray Fragrance Free and a travel size of the fragrance free. Just like their natural hairstyling gel the hair sprays are totally organic. Packaged in a regular spray bottle, no aerosol containers, no alcohol and vitamin E enriched.

Consider Wild Mint Styling Spray at for optimum style, shine and control. It also has special ingredients that protect hair from ultra- violet rays and environmental pollutants. Can be used on dry or wet hair and provides long lasting hold.

And yet one more popular alcohol free organic hair spray is Honeybee Gardens. It is designed to preserve the ozone layer and has no PABA or lacquers. Is never hard or sticky and provides hold that lasts all day long, an organic hair styling aid that delivers and is kind to the environment.

Organic Hair Mousse

And all the mousse lovers say, well it's about time. Of course there's organic mousse. I am a mousse user half the time, the other half a gel user and always finish with hair spray. This is because hairstyles get used to hair products after a certain amount of time and doesn't respond as it did when you first used it. So, I alternate them and advise others to do so as well. As you may have noticed I give 3 different brands of each organic hair styling aid. If hair is not responding it's time to switch.

Once again carries an excellent natural organic hair mousse. It is called simply Natural Hair Mousse. It is scented with natural essential oils, alcohol free and is vegan. Packaged in a pump dispenser no aerosol can container and creates lift and volume in styling.

Also, check out Giovanni Hair Styling Foam Natural Mousse it is available online as well and is cruelty free with no toxic ingredients. However, it is not completely organic and doesn't claim to be. So, if you're open to a good hairstyling aid that is almost completely organic that works exceptionally well this is for you.

Here's a catchy hair product name for you. Try the Kiss My Face Organic Hair Care-Hold Up Styling Mousse. Catchy AND long I might add. Anyway, it performs well and is cruelty free with no animal testing. Strengthens and smoothes hairs as well as add volume in styling.

As instructed above apply organic hair mousse just as you would natural hairstyling gel. They're very similar except that gel is more for control and mousse for volume. Mousse also has conditioning agents whereas gel usually doesn't. The use of organic hair styling aids will greatly improve the condition, look and feel of your hair, so why not give them a try.

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