Organic Makeup: Eco Friendly Beauty Products and Cosmetics - Eye Shadow, Lipstick, Blush and More
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Organic Beauty Products for Natural Skin Care

Organic and all natural have become huge trends in the market today. You can find more and more products labeled as such from the food that you eat to the products that you buy for your home and even your skin. Another product that is gaining in popularity is organic make up. Before learning about organic makeup you may have many questions, but once you learn the answers to them you are sure to want to ditch your old makeup and buy only organic.

What is Organic Makeup?

Traditional makeup uses a wide variety of ingredients to cover the skin and add color that you want where you want it. There are thousands of different chemicals commonly used and many of those chemicals have negative side effects and or are man made. Organic makeup can have a simple definition in that it is derived from all natural ingredients. There are no harsh chemicals and nothing man made. Many ingredients come from plants, minerals, and other naturally occurring ingredients.

Is Organic Makeup Better?

Generally, most people feel that organic make up is better for you. There are a large number of toxins and chemicals that are found in makeup. Many of them are man made and they can cause a lot of damage to your skin and your body. Organic make up is made up of plant materials, animal ingredients, and minerals. Everything comes from the earth and none of it is grown or treated with chemicals.

However, just because it comes from the earth doesn’t mean it is good for you. It is likely that it is better than traditional make up, but even organic make up can have toxins that are part of the plants and minerals included in the make up. Just because it is organic doesn’t mean that it is safe, it just means that it is all natural and that all of those ingredients have been produced without man made chemicals. While not a perfect answer, it is better for you then the alternative and that makes it worth while. Your skin is also likely to thank you.

What Does “Certified Organic Makeup” Mean?

There is organic makeup and then there is certified organic makeup. What’s the difference? Does it really matter? 

  •  Organic makeup is labeled as organic. However, this is just the company saying that everything in the makeup is organic. There is no guarantee about what is actually in the makeup. 
  •  A certified organic makeup product is one that has been tested by a third party to prove that what’s in the product is actually organic. This makes it far better then a product that is simply labeled organic since it may not actually contain all natural organic ingredients. 

Tips for Using Organic Makeup

In most cases organic makeup works the same way that other types of makeup work. However, it is always good to try a new make up with a bit of caution. These tips will help you to be more successful when using natural organic make up. 

  • Start with small sizes. When you choose a product to try you should buy the smallest size possible. This is important because people tend to either love a new product or hate it. Because organic makeup is expensive it is important to choose that smaller size to save money on a product you may hate. If you like the product you can always buy a larger size later on. 
  • Start light. When applying the make up you will want to start light. The coverage may be a lot different then you are used to. In most cases organic makeup contains more intense pigments then other types of make up. As you become accustom to the new product you can use the proper amount with ease. Remember that you can always put more on, but you can’t easily take some off. 
  • Layer it. By layering organic makeup you will be able to achieve a more natural look or to enhance your beauty in a way that is pleasing to yourself and others. 
  • Remove it. Organic make up is all natural and many people feel that they can sleep with it on because of it. However, there are still toxins and ingredients that can harm your skin. It’s best if you remove your make up at the end of the day, even if it is certified organic make up. 

How to Find Organic Makeup

Finding organic makeup isn’t as hard as it used to be. It can be found at expensive makeup counters, drug stores, and online. Here are some tips that will help with your search. 

  • Start with your favorite brand. If you already have a favorite makeup brand then you will want to start there. Most companies now produce at least some organic makeups. 
  • When you find one you like see what else they offer. If you have tried a few items and find one that you like then check into the rest of the line that the company has to offer. 
  • Check out online reviews. There are lots of reviews online. If you take awhile to check it out you will find out what people like and dislike about different types of make up. 
  • Work on it slowly. You don’t have to replace all of your makeup at one time. In fact, if you go out and buy a lot of organic makeup then you are likely to be disappointed with a lot of it. You can instead, take your time and find products you really like. 

While organic makeup isn’t the perfect answer that many people believe it to be, it is far better for you then the alternative. In most cases it will keep your skin healthier as well. When buying organic makeup it is better to choose certified organic makeup rather than one simply labeled organic. While it often takes awhile to get used to organic makeup, in the end you will be happier with it.