Organic poultry is essential for the lifespan of our generation to lengthen. Organic poultry ensures us that no chemicals are treated of the poultry we consume. If we talk about a healthier eating lifestyle, it is in the hands of both producers and consumers of the poultry. Quality of food is dependent on the producers. If they produce organically, that would mean we eat safely but not necessarily healthy because the other factors of a healthier lifestyle is the quantity of food intake. This part is dependent on the consumers as only they can control the amount of poultry they are to partake. 

 What does organic mean?

 Organic means that the carbon based life form is produced, manufactured, and handled using organic means. In terms of poultry, the environment where domestic fowl reside should be free from any artificial agrichemicals. Producers of poultry should be certified by a regulatory body before they can sell their produce to the market. In the case of organic producers, more strict requirements are imposed.  

 In the local market, you will notice that meat and eggs that are labeled as organic tend to be more expensive than that of mass produced poultry. Organic poultry is more expensive than massed produced ones because there is a greater cost associated with providing the domestic fowl found in farms a better quality of life. The significant differences in their diet, medication and animal welfare in general are all geared through organic methods. Also, producers of organic poultry tend to produce a lot less than non organic farms. This is because farms that don’t produce organically can use enhancers that make their animals mature faster thus producing a great deal in a short period of time. Compared to organic farmers that focus more on the quality rather than the quantity of meat, non organic farms could not care less for quality.

 Why should you buy organic poultry?

 First is because buying organic poultry would mean happier animals. Animals in organic farms are treated more humanly. They are free to roam around a given perimeter, rather than caged in a small overpopulated pen. They are not treated with chemicals and even their feeds are not genetically modified. In summary, animals in organic farms are allowed to live to the fullest with their short lives. In a sense, buying organic poultry is in line with animal rights. If you buy organically you are also slowly changing the industry in the process of abolishing animal cruelty.

 But some would argue that even if you treat animals humanly, they still end up dead and on your plate, so what is the use of treating them nicely? A protagonist or the type of person who does not believe in animal rights and only care about getting his meat would say that. Well, first the animals are treated with chemicals. Some are even injected with human antibiotics to increase egg production in chickens. They are also stuffed in pens, and cultivated inhumanly and thus making them stressed and anxiety ridden. This in turn will have side effects on their bodies or the meat you are eating. Simply put, eating a stressed meat/burger is you eating the stress of the animal you are consuming plus the chemicals they are injected with. Heart attacks any one? On the other hand, organic poultry or meat is clean and “happy” meat.  

 Buying organic

 It is less expensive if you buy your organic poultry locally. This is because transportation costs are lessened. You could also opt to raise your own if you are interested. There are even steps in the internet on how you could raise chickens organically. Prices in supermarkets are different depending on the type, brand and breed of meat or eggs you are buying.  It is also cheaper if you buy directly from the farm.

 Some companies that sell organic poultry are Rocky Mountain Organic, Organic Farm, Alaringa Organics, Redtail Ridge Organic Meat and Produce, and the list goes on. One only needs to log online and check in a search engines to see where in your state or country you could find and buy organic poultry.

 More people are choosing organic nowadays. According to the 2006 –2007 records of the UK Soli Association, there has been a 22% increase in shoppers that buy organic poultry. In buying organic poultry not only are we supporting a more humanly process of cultivating our animals, we are also choosing a healthier and cleaner lifestyle. There should be no guilt in eating good food, so try and be part of the cause of organic poultry today.