Buy Organic Rose Oil for Sale - Pure Aromatherapy Essential Oils

Organic rose oil is a perfect cosmetic to replenish your skin. As an additive for facial and skin care products that are commercially available, organic rose oil provides a moisturizing formula that brightens the skin. When you have a very sensitive skin that easily gets irritated under the heat of the sun, organic rose oil is a practical product to use since it has substances that protect the skin tissues from the harmful ultraviolet rays. To stimulate sensitive tissues, organic rose oil is an essential product to regenerate skin cells.

Organic rose oil alleviates abdominal pains

A "miracle oil" as termed as the majority of women users, organic rose oil works best for the genitor-urinary system because it maintains the proper functioning of the female hormones. Most women inevitably experience abdominal pains during in their monthly menstrual cycle. If you happen to be one of those women who are having serious problems every time her period comes, fret no more because organic rose oil helps you solve your problem. Organic rose oil has soothing effects that directly ceases your menstrual abdominal pains. The oil also has sub contents that purifies the uterus and reduces premenstrual tension. Middle-aged women benefit from this special feature of organic rose oil. Menopausal symptoms for women are alleviated when organic rose oil is applied regularly.

Organic rose oil as an aromatic birthing mist

Organic rose oil as an aromatic oil is very ideal for a facial toner to revitalize your face from a stressful job at work. You can also use the oil as a freshener for your body and even for your room. The aromatic mist that you create would determine the amount of oil that you will use. If you plan to use it as a facial toner, all you need to do is mix 8 to 10 drops of the oil to pure water and shake the solution fairly well to achieve the best results. Wait for at least an hour before you can finally use the solution. Once you get the solution you need after long hours of waiting, carefully pour the liquid into a small piece of cotton to massage your face. In the case of organic rose oil used as a body freshener, do the same process except that you will change the number of drops that you will mix with water. This time, you have to mix 30 to 40 drops of organic rose oil to pure water and spray the solution to your body. As a room freshener, you need to put a greater number of organic rose oil drops considering that a room has a larger volume compared to that of a human body. In order for gas diffusion to happen faster, 80 to 100 drops of the oil is needed for the room spray solution.

Organic rose oil is economically friendly

Organic rose oil is purchased at a lower price compared to the other essential oils that provide similar effects. What is good in using this essential oil is that it is very simple to apply. You do not have to perform complex processes to use the oil but instead you can use the oil with your bare hands. The oil also has no side effects because it has no harmful substances that are potentially capable of destroying your cells. You can leave the organic rose oil in direct contact with your skin for even a long period of time and you will not notice any burns in your skin. You do not have to spend so much on pain relievers to treat your abdominal pains. One 10 ml bottle of the organic rose oil could already be used for several days when you only use it periodically like during your menstrual cycle. With only a few drops of the organic rose oil, you can gently massage your abdomen to relieve the pain that you are experiencing. Considering that a small bottle of the oil would already last for a number of days because you only need a few drops from it during each use, you do not have to buy the oil every now and then to treat your abdominal pains.

Where to buy and for how much

Organic rose oils are mostly expensive. Alteya Organics sells organic rose oil at $47 for a minute amount 2.3 ml. As an alternative, Bulagarian Rose Otto sells the same amount of oil for $39. This price would relate to 100% pureness though.


Organic rose oil has a variety of uses. It may be applied as a skin protection product, facial toner, body or air freshener, or even a treatment for women's abdominal pains. This product is more purchased females rather than males because females are the one ones who would highly benefit form this product due to its applications for abdominal pain treatment.