There are basically two forms of SEO one of them is called organic and the second one is considered to be a pay per click (PPC) or SEM which is search engine marketing related. If you are going for organic SEO then you are looking for and building a website that probably won’t jump immediately jump to the top of google or Bing or other search engines rankings immediately and only stay there for a few days versus climbing up the search engine rankings by attracting site traffic over time and getting customers that get converted by your website using effective SEO techniques. Not all SEM is paid for marketing however.  

Organic SEO

Generally organic SEO techniques are defined as those that get a website or webpage ranked without payment for any portion of its rankings. In other words the website is found on the search engine and the webmaster has not paid anybody or anything for that placement. It does not use paid advertising nor does it buy keywords. In search engine algorithm realignment an organic SEO devised website does not have to claw its way back up the rankings. A good organic site will have content people want and can use and because of this that site will last a long time in the rankings game.

Paid Placement

This is not considered to be an organic SEO technique but you can purchase paid links to and advertising for your site. However if you use this method and have too many back links from this method a search engine may discount those back links due to the large number of them. This might also be considered mass spamming. If a search engine determines it is spamming your website won’t be placed high their in the search engine rankings. But you can judiciously combine PPC and organic SEO techniques sometimes.

Conversion Rates

One of the basics of the SEO game is that a good website has a strong conversion rate. If an organic SEO designed website has the ability to reach people early on in their search for information or products and it has the ability to keep the people looking for information then reading that information and also has the ability to help the consumer with their research without paying for ads or rankings then it has a good chance to convert them for the final stage. What that final stage is depends on what the intent of your site is. It could be commenting on a blog site or it could be actually buying a product. So conversion means taking an action.

Good Old Marketing

Before internet retail marketing a bricks and mortar company had to market their product. Of course there were no websites like blogs to market because these didn’t exist. But marketing had to be performed whether by paid advertising, word of mouth or in-house marketing. But an online website also has to market itself and one of the ways for an organic SEO ranked website to work is for the website or webpage to get higher rankings through its content. The content must be information rich which is very similar to bricks and mortar advertising which also had to be information rich perhaps with a jingle or tune that people liked such as ‘what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas’ sort of thing.

Creative Content

When using organic SEO techniques it takes a lot of work to get creative content. But creative content is one of the organic SEO techniques that keep people coming back time and again. Creative content may be just asking yourself the question as to how you can make this website or webpage something that other sites want to link to. Also ask whether the website or webpage is something that will attract humans to it and keep them returning until conversion is accomplished. Creativity is not just good writing but it means providing content that is current and thorough. Also ask yourself if what you have written as creative content helps your users. If the answer is yes then people will come to the site.

Specific Content

If your website have excellent content that is current and of interest to a vast number of people it means you have to have articles written that pertain to your website or webpage that stay current and offer information which people seek or want to learn. When you write excellent articles then you can offer them to other webmasters or bloggers for publication. For an organic SEO designed website this is a very important form of getting linking to other sites which helps increase the SEO on search engine ratings.

Current Content

To keep organic SEO content relevant you have to make sure the website and its content stays current. There are so many search engine results that have old information on them. In many cases there is no date appended so a user can’t be sure how current the information really is. On a retail website that relies on SEO to get users to the site it is easier to determine if that website is current or not because if there is no product to sell then the item will reflect that or it should reflect that with a sold out or similar on the item. Of course having too many of these discourages a user and they won’t return to your site.

Build Inbound And Back Links

An organic SEO designed website or webpage has a number of ways to build back links to the website. Back links are incoming links to your site or page. They can be links from another site specifically directed at your website or webpage. They can be links to your site for reference reasons or because you have well written articles and provide current information that a lot of people want to know about. Search engines will examine any back links so if you build quality one way back links your organic SEO techniques may have improved rankings on the search engines.