Why should you choose organic skin care products? Our world and the people in it are changing. We are becoming more aware and wiser as we grow as a species. Our actions have consequences, people have taken notice and they are doing something about it. The change is sweeping across America and the rest of the world. Our environment is suffering through the consumption of products that don't simply break down into harmless elements. Although, new technology and research is changing that - especially for skin care, beauty, and acne treatment products and remedies. Every day there are new organic products being made with methods that don't harm the environment and ingredients that you can feel safe washing down the sink. And organic skin care products are better to use if you are concerned about what you apply to your face and your body.

You might think you have to give up that high quality product for an inferior organic one. You don't. There are products out there that ensure you look your best on the outside and feel even better on the inside. This is why you should choose organic skin care and makeup products.


Organic Acne washes are becoming more and more popular with the environmental movement as the best choice for skin care. They contain no harmful ingredients and they aren't tested on animals. Acne products that contain natural tea tree oil, ginseng and essential oils are available on the market. But it's not just acne treatments that are following the trend. 


Organic face washes are doing the same. They can come without soap, so they won't dry your skin like those other facial cleansers. Some use all natural ingredients like grape juice and apple juice, which are powerful anti-oxidants, in order to gently cleanse away impurities in your skin. Chamomilla flower is added and used to soothe and replenish your skin. You don't need to use those abrasive, harmful chemicals to get the clear skin you want. 


The makeup industry is rather  infamous for their testing on animals and harmful chemicals. Bronzers, face sculptors and face powders are now turning organic. These products are 100% free of harmful chemicals, synthetic preservatives, parabens and have not been developed with animal testing. Natural ingredients include Mica, Seed Oil and others that save the environment and your face. 


Even shampoos and shower gels can be bought that contain all natural ingredients like Citronella that do the same job that your old products did! When you wash your hair you don't want to strip the natural moisture it contains and conventional shampoos can do this. All natural shampoos use ingredients that allow you to keep the good moisture while getting rid of the bad oils. 


The benefits of many of these products is that they not only come all natural and organic, but the ways in which they are manufactured and distributed are encouraged to be natural and fair. Many products claim that their ingredients are Certified Fair Trade, which promotes developing countries' trading conditions and sustainability. Farmers are being used that only employ natural renewable resources on their farms. The effect is far reaching. Just by doing one small action like purchasing an organic product you are affecting the entire world without having to sacrifice the things you really want in your daily life. So relax comfortably knowing you are doing the right thing.