Why Buy Organic Beauty Products?: Best New Economical Face, Skin, and Hair Solutions

Organic is one of those words that is popping up on more and more products. One such area that has received a lot of attention is organic skin care. It’s easy to wonder if the organic label is used to just increase the price of the product by a few dollars a bottle. Are there really any reasons to choose to purchase organic skin care? Will your face, skin, or hair feel better if you buy new organic beauty products like organic skin care or makeup?

The Facts Behind Traditional Skin Care Products
You start your day by applying a variety of products to your skin. The average woman puts more than 200 chemicals onto her skin each and every day. This may not sound so bad, but the skin is connected to blood Organic Skin Care Products: Eco Friendly Beauty - Great Skin, Healthy LifestyleCredit: wikimedia.com / Wikipedia Commonsvessels and it’s designed to allow things to pass through the cell walls and into the body. So, after you have slathered those chemicals on your skin, 60% of them are absorbed into the blood system. Many of them are known to be dangerous or to have negative side effects, but only 15% of more than 11,000 chemicals used in skin care have ever even been tested for safety! The facts behind traditional skin care products is that they are scary. Who cares if traditional skin products are cheap and inexpensive -- it's not really a bargain for your budget if low cost products damage your skin! 

What Organic Skin Care Products Can Do For You
The first thing that organic skin care products can do for you is offer you safety that traditional choices can’t. They are made with pure and all natural products and don’t have any dangerous or negative chemicals in them. An organic product uses organic plants, oils, and all natural ingredients to give you a product that is safe for you to apply to your skin or even to eat (sometimes).

Some people feel that the organic tag means less effective. However, these products are very effective and compare very well to their non-organic bargain versions. They are designed by professionals, rigorously tested, and they work well to meet all of your skin care needs. Organic skin care products work as well as other skin care products and in many cases even better! Compare for yourself.

Organic skin care products are also safe for the environment. Because they are all natural you don’t need to worry about them harming the environment or any animals. It’s also one less thing you need to worry about around children.

Finally, it should be noted that organic skin care products are much more regulated then other skin care products. The reason that traditional products are allowed to contain so many untested chemicals and even chemicals that have been shown to have negative side effects or be dangerous is because there is no one to regulate them. However, when a company chooses to put an organic label on the bottle they have to prove that the ingredients inside are indeed organic and safe.

Some Brands to Consider

 Many consumers find that it's easier to change to organic products if they know what brands to look for in the store or online. Pangea Organics, Origins, Juice Beauty, Jurlique, Emerge, Skin Botanica, and Eminence are some of the top brands available from a wide range of online stores and retailers such as Sephora, Lavera, Aubrey Organics, Saffron Rouge, and Dr. Hauschka. This list will also help you on your next trip to the mall or department store!

Is the Higher Purchase Price Worth It? Yes, organic skin care products cost more than other products. But as more people Organic Skin Care Products: Eco Friendly BeautyCredit: wikimedia.comchoose to buy these products for all the benefits they provide the costs will come down. However, in the end there are several reasons that make the purchase worth it. You are getting a product that is very safe for you, that will get the job done, that won’t harm the environment, and that is well regulated for your safety. Compare those benefits to the cost and it makes a lot of sense! Organic makeup or even organic acne treatments are a great place to start!

While there will always be some non-believers in the department store or at the mall, realize that organic skin care products are definitely worth it. It's also getting easier to find many more choices of organic skin care products (including some brand names!). As more people are becoming aware of their benefits and they are finding products that they like at least as much as their former skin care products, the marketplace is changing to provide more organic healthier choices of skin care. Try something new today for you, your health, your beauty, and the environment.