One of the most important things that you can do when you are choosing a Valentine’s Day gift for you sweetheart is put a lot of thought into it.  The gift you choose must have some meaning for her.  The gift you choose must reflect what is important in her life.  The gift you choose must show that you have been paying attention and that you know what will impress her. Without thought, a Valentine’s Day gift has very little meaning.

If you have a girlfriend or wife that puts the earth’s ecology in the forefront when she makes decisions, you will need to do the same when you choose her Valentine’s Day gift.  That will show her how important her beliefs are to you.  That sounds like it might be very difficult but you might be surprised at how many options for organic Valentines are available to choose from.

Here are some ecologically acceptable gifts to give you earth friendly girl friends on Valentine’s Day:

Sweets for the Sweet - Fair Trade of Course!

Chocolate is a traditional gift on this day of love and sweetness.  It is filled with everything needed to make you feel great and there are very few women in the world that don’t like chocolate.  The smell, the taste, the texture - it is simply luxurious.

Unfortunately, chocolate is made in countries that are economically at a disadvantage.  Buying cartels put the cocoa farmers under a lot of price pressure and that often leads to young children working in the fields and a great deal of poverty.  But that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy chocolate with a clear conscience.

Fair Trade certification ensures that the farmers receive a “floor price” if it is non-organic cocoa and if the farmers have met the standards of organic cocoa they get premium prices.  This means that their families and their communities are getting what they put into the crops.  This means that there is less poverty.  When farmers receive Fair Trade prices they are able to concentrate on using environmental and safe practices.  Your girlfriend will love her guilt free, Fair Trade chocolate when you buy her a great set like the The Organic Chocolate Pleaser Gift Set.

Go Organic With Luxury

Women love to be pampered and one of the best ways to give them the chance to pamper themselves is with a spa set.  Organic spa sets will make your ecologically concerned girl friend able to relax and enjoy some pampering.  Throw in a bottle of organic wine and organic chocolate and she’ll be in heaven.  Get some natural oils ready to give her a back rub as she luxuriates in her earth friendly home spa! For bonus points add locally made candles and clean the bathtub for her ahead of time! If you're still not sure what to get look for something like the Bath & Body Gift Set: Heavenly Spa Retreat

Organic Flowers for the Traditional Touch

Flowers are a traditional Valentine’s Day gift but when they are grown in conventional ways theThe Organic Chocolate Pleaser Set(77251)Credit: Amazon.comy can be dangerous to the environment.  Seek out an organic local hot house for beautiful flowers that will impress your girlfriend.  Organic Valentines gifts like local flowers that are grown safely, without pesticides, are a great way to reach her heart. 

You might also want to consider locally grown house plants for an organic Valentines present that will last much longer.  Many house plants have flowers on them, too, so they can be beautiful all year long.  Organic plants do not contribute to greenhouse gas emissions and your lady will love you for thinking of that.

Choose a Card Carefully

When you are choosing a card you should make sure that the card is printed on recycled paper.  You might want to seek out Valentine’s Day cards that are made locally.  You could also make your own Valentine’s card for that extra personal touch or better yet, skip the card all together and write her a special love letter.  And don’t forget to skip the sparkles - they make it more difficult to recycle them.

Use Your Imagination!

There are many other types of organic Valentines gifts that will thrill your girlfriend or wife.  Think of her favourite place to buy organic produce - do they offer gift baskets or gift cards?  Create a unique collage for her using broken glass pieces, stones, or other objects.  Include ticket stubs, receipts, or other mementos of your relationship.  You could buy organic coffee or organically made clothing.  Hemp is popular for making jewellery and hats and other clothing items.  Think creatively and you will likely come up with many ideas of your own.

Final tip

Make sure that everything that comes with the gift is recyclable or reusable.  This includes bottles, reusable bags, recycled tissue paper, and other recyclable containers.  With careful consideration you can make this special day one to remember with great organic Valentines presents for the woman in your life that loves the earth and puts ecology first!