Hi there guys! If you are looking for some articles that will help you grow organic vegetables then you hit the right spot because this article will teach you how to start an organic vegetable garden easily. First thing you must know is what is not and what is must, this is a short guide about organic vegetable gardening for beginners.


  1. Never use chemical fertilizers
  2. Do not try using pesticides
  3. Herbicides is no no too!

Never do this things because it will taint your veggies with chemicals that might be harmful to human body, in commercial farming they use a lot of chemical sprays, chemical fertilizers and more chemicals to increase their harvest but it has some negative effects and using those might harm us if they do not handle it properly.


  1. Prepare your compost heap and start composting
  2. Learn companion planting to reduce pest naturally
  3. Discover the magic of using beneficial micro organisms
  4. Till the soil to eliminate weeds naturally - Do this 3 weeks before planting

Now this is a must! Organic vegetable gardening needs to 100% natural from fertilizer, supplements and pest reduction. This is tiresome especially if you are doing a lot of work and you can't tend too much to your vegetable garden but all those hard work will be payed by healthy and nutritious veggies straight from your own backyard.

As you can see using chemical sprays and chemical fertilizer is easier and the hardest part of all, vegetable gardening is collected by organic gardening methods but practicing natural ways of growing veggies is more rewarding and it is also much more safer and healthier than eating veggies tainted with chemical substances, the point is you must work hard to gain safe and delicious vegetables straight from your backyard but let me tell you that all those hard work is rewarding and it might end up as your number one hobby because it is fun and enjoyable. If you want to know more information about vegetable gardening and organic gardening, then you must practice at home and enjoy what you are doing, nothing beats experience because it is the best teacher. Do not be afraid to fail because it will also teach you how to do your best next time and avoid more failures. Thanks for reading and enjoy your gardening experience.