Are you writing content for Google Adsense income?

If you are, you know how important it is to attract more traffic.

However, you notice that the increase in traffic does not always correspond to the increase in Google Adsense income.

What is wrong? Does not more traffic means more Google Adsense income?

The problem is that the traffic is not organic traffic. You should aim for organic traffic, and not readers from social networking sources.

What is organic traffic?

Organic traffic refers to readers from search engines. When readers want to find information, they will type the keyword, and the search engines will display the result.

These readers that come from search engine are the ones likely to click on the advertisement.

How do you get organic traffic in order to generate Google Adsense income?

You have to know something about search engine optimization.

You need to know about keyword research and keyword density. It is important to have keyword in the title of your website, the keyword in the category, the keyword in the title and within the content. The url of the website and the web page should have the relevant keyword as well.

For example, you are writing content about Chicago personal injury attorney. You set up a blog about Chicago personal injury attorney.

The blog title is Chicago personal injury attorney. The blog url has the same set of keyword. Your content has the same keyword. You may have a few blog posts using the same keyword.

In this case, the search engine robots will crawl and index the blog. They will direct readers who hunt for Chicago personal injury attorney to your website.

If you are writing for Google Adsense revenue sharing site, you miss out on the benefits of having keyword in the url and the title of the website. You have to write longer article in order to have enough keyword occurrence.

You have to put in more effort to link from relevant websites and blog post. You can submit a few summaries toi the article directories.

You can use blog commenting method to get more incoming links to your content.

When you put in enough effort into search engine optimization, you will find that organic traffic increases. As a result of the increase in organic traffic, you will notice the Google Adsense click through rate increases as well.

If you have mainly traffic from social networking websites, you will notice that the click through rate is less than 1%. That means there is just one or less than one click for every 100 visitors.

However, in the case of organic traffic, the click through rate is as high as 5%. If each click generates 20 cents Google Adsense income, every 100 visitors will generate $1 in Google Adsense income.

The trick to increase Google Adsense income is to increase the value of the click. If each click earns $1, every 100 visitors will yield $5.

That is why the quantity of visitors as reflected from the page views is not as important as the quality of the visitors.

All writers who are earning from Google Adsense and affiliate marketing desire more organic traffic. They prefer to have 100 visitors who buy the recommended products and services, than to have 10000 visitors who read and leave without clicking on the advertisements or links.

It is not hard to get more organic traffic. However, it means you need to put in more effort into writing content and getting inbound links.

You can focus more on backlinks than social networking if you have limited time.