Precious time with loved ones, good food, meeting new friends, and sweet memories of hosting a fun holiday party can bring you all these things. The drawbacks of throwing a party is the stress it can create. As a result I have put together some helpful tips to reduce that stress level and ensure your party goes with a bang.

Organizing and Invitations

Make sure your invite includes all the details of the party from date, time and address, to dress code and if guests need to bring anything.

Think about your guest's tastes before you start sorting out things to do and try to do something that everyone will enjoy. Organize some name badges with a bright and fun design, a good talking point as well as helpful for those individuals who may not know everyone.

Those important decorations and thoughts on music

For a Xmas party, decorations are very important. The most essential decoration is going to be the Xmas tree with pretty ornaments and maybe a small gift - what about baking some biscuits and ice each guests name on to hang on the tree? Pretty candles placed around the house, create a warm atmosphere; but make sure they are secure and can't be knocked over. Music is usually important to add fun and possibly some singing and dancing to your party.

What type of food and drink do you want to prepare?

When buying and preparing food, make sure that there is more food than guests. You may have to throw food away, which is wasteful, but if the food runs out you and your friends are not going to be impressed. Don't forget to buy or make vegetarian or vegan food!

Drinks options should be an assortment: ask people to bring something with them and make sure you have wine, spirits, tea and coffee as well as soft drinks for younger guests or those that are driving.

Hosting Advice - General

You are the host, so you need to be available for all your guests, avoid staying in the corner or staying with just one group of friends. Go round the room making sure everyone has what they need, include shy guests in conversation or ask a more outgoing friend to take them under their wing.

Pick up any trays, bowls, and rubbish as the party progresses. Apart from making a more pleasant atmosphere for your friends, you will be surprised how much time it saves when all your guests have left.

Smoking is another thing to decide upon, whether or not you can smoke in your home, it is better to have a designated smoking area for the comfort of all guests.

Think about giving gifts?

Decide on a price limit for gifts if you want to do a gift giving session and make sure all guests is aware of it; this is a good way to find inventive presents for a small amount of money. One great way of making the exchange of gifts more fun is for all friends to be assigned a name and buy for that guest, all gifts will then go under the tree and opened at the party.