One of the greatest challenges for shoppers who are attempting to save money with coupons is finding a method to organize coupons. Although there are several effective ways to organize coupons, many shoppers find that using a coupon binder is a great method to help keep your stash of coupons organized.

In order to create a coupon binder, purchase a three ring binder at your local office supply store. Choose a large 2 or 3 inch binder. If you opt for a smaller binder, it is likely your coupon stash will soon outgrow your binder. A zippered binder, with a shoulder strap, works great as a coupon binder. The zipper will enclose your coupon collection, so you do not have to worry about losing coupons. A shoulder strap is helpful to use to carry the binder when your arms are full of groceries or small children. It is also nice to have a pocket on the binder somewhere, so you can keep a pair of scissors in the pocket.

Once you have selected the binder you will use to organize coupons, you should purchase category dividers and baseball card inserts. The dividers will allow you to divide your coupon binder into categories of groceries that you use most often. Label different categories on the dividers, such as baby goods, snacks, beverages, freezer foods, cleaning products, personal hygiene items, or any other category of groceries that you routinely purchase. Place some baseball card inserts into each category. These inserts hold nine different pockets, in which you can place individual coupons. This makes it very easy to view and locate coupons in each category. Some coupons may have to be folded, in order to fit in the pocket. It makes it easier, if you place the coupon in such a way that the product name, amount of savings, and expiration date are all visible. Try to place multiple copies of the same coupon in the same pocket.

It is important to update your binder periodically. Go through the binder and remove coupons that have expired. This will make room when you purchase the Sunday paper and add new coupons. It also makes it easier when you are shopping to know that none of the coupons in your binder have expired.

By using this method, you will be amazed at how easy it is to save money with coupons.