You have kids which probably means you have a ton of toys that need organization. Who knows where they all come from but some how the toys accumulate.

Things You Will Need

containers with lids

Step 1

Pick out the toy you do not wish to keep. You have entered the toy room again and what do you find, so many toys you can not even begin to put them away. This may be a common problem in toy rooms. Sell some at a yard sale, give a few toys to neighbors and donate the rest. You may still have a mess in the toy room that needs organization.

Step 2

Sort the toys. You may not want to spend a lot of cash to organize the room. You may not want to spend any cash, but you want organization. Make it easy for children to clean up after themselves. Sort for what seems to be a lifetime, if need be. Make piles of little people, shapes, puzzle pieces, cars, dolls, books oversized items.

Step 3

Get old ice cream containers to help with organization. Put books on the top part of the playroom closet. Dolls can go on the next shelf. A small wagon full of brat dolls can go on the bottom of the closet. In the ice cream buckets, place the small items (each having their own container and each having their own lid) Put all of those containers on the book shelf. Put all of the cars in a large basket with handles and put it on the book shelf too. Put houses and stuff like houses on the bookshelf. For oversized items, (sweepers, play units and everything else) put them in the toy box and close the lid. This may make you happy and the kids may be happy too. They should now be able to find anything they want and with little assistance put it away.

Pick thru the toys and make outside toys. Keep them out there this eliminates the clutter. Examples of some of they toys to keep outside may be large Tonka trucks, plastic doll sets (beds, highchair, etc..) Any toy that could not be ruined by weather.

Tips & Warnings

All organization requires attention, so you may have to revisit your efforts from time to time to maintain order.