How To Organize The Perfect Clothing Swap

If you are like me and you have a ton of clothes, you should consider organizing a clothing swap.  A clothing swap is a great way to get new clothes in a frugal way. So how do you organize one?


First, you will need to get a group of people who are willing to take part in the swap.  You should consider inviting any group that you participate in on a regular basis such as: a group of friends, people from one of your organizations, members of a meetup group, or even members of a religious organization. Mothers and people with children are a great group of people to invite to the clothing swap because children outgrow their clothes quickly. 

If you do not know anyone that has children or clothes that you could use, you should consider organizing a meetup group or trying to organize a clothing swap online. There are always people who are wiling to swap online. However, to be safe, you should set up a time and a neutral place to make the exchange.

Set Some Rules

If you want to have a successful clothing swap, you will need to set some rules.  If everyone knows the rules, the clothing swap will run smoothly.  Some rules that you might consider for your clothing swap are: 1) arrive at a specific time, 2) only bring quality clothing (no holes), 3) a limit of a certain number of items (so that everyone gets something), and 4) all unused items go to charity.

Pick A Place

You will need to pick a place based on the size of your group.  If you have a small group (like a group of friends) you can have the swap at someone’s house.  However, if you have a large group of people, you will probably need to find a larger place.  Sometimes it is a great idea to rent a room in a local community building.

Do Some Promotion

If you want to make sure that your clothing swap is successful, you will want to advertise about your clothing swap.  A great way to remind your friends about the clothing swap is to send them an evite to the event.  You might also want to send an email to your friends as the event gets closer.  If you are wiling to have more people at your clothing swap, you should consider placing an advertisement about your clothing swap online.

Swap Layout

The proper layout will make sure that your clothing exchange is a success. You should decide the layout of the event before you arrive at the location of the swap. You will want to label each area to make sure that different types of clothing can be located.  Additionally, you should organize clothes based on gender and size.  There should also be a separate section for kids clothing.   

Clothing swaps are a great way to make sure that you are using your resources wisely.  Organizing a clothing swap is a great way to get new items in a frugal way.