Lets face it, organizing closets when we get home from work, is not at the top of our list of fun things to do right? But every morning, when you try to find something to wear that is not crushed beyond belief, you mutter to yourself about how you had better get going on this chore of organizing closets before they swallow you in a avalanche. You seem to be wearing the same 3 outfits all the time, because it is easier than trying to find something else in that packed closet!

You have seen all those organized closets in the magazines and ads in the home improvement stores, but even just the cost of the setup is enough to put you off doing this chore. It can get expensive to get additional shelving and fancy inserts, and right now you don't want to spend that kind of money on the closet, when your budget is tight, you just want to be able to see the floor and see your clothes hanging nicely right?

This is also true, if you are living in a rental unit or apartment. You can't just go around doing construction and adding all kinds of expensive gadgets if you are not planning on staying for a long time, or you just don't want to be spending the money in organizing a closet.

Organizing closets, does not have to cost you money. You can get creative and do this for no money, by finding some containers or small shelf unit around the house, or raid your change jar for a few plastic containers to help out. To get started, you need to be in a good mood, or at least not ready to pull your hair out. If your closet is so stuffed you can't even see the floor or ceiling, you may need help, just in case you disappear in the avalanche. So, break this up into baby steps to make it easier.

Organizing Closets - Step One - Find 2 big garbage bags (you may need more) or some kind of big leftover shopping bag, or even boxes. Just some kind of container that would be easy to move. Now that you have the containers ready. Find your vacuum cleaner and take it to the room. Find some duster clothes or paper towels and take them to the room, now you are ready for Step 2.

Organizing Closets - Step Two - Label Your two bags, DONATIONS, GARBAGE. Grab a handful of clothes out of the closet, and plop them on your bed. Now quickly look at the clothes, and give each piece, the 5 second rule. This 5 second rule, means you should make a decision about this piece of clothing in 5 seconds. Is it a keeper or not. If you have not worn it forever, then put into the DONATION bag, if it looks worn out, put it in the GARBAGE bag, if it is a keeper, put it at the top of your bed. Do, this for as long as you can, taking water breaks and snack breaks, but don't give up yet.

Organizing Closets - Step Three - Try to decide on most of your clothing as you take it out of the closet, you will probably also have "hey I forgot I had that" moments, which means it will go in the keep pile. I forgot to mention, if you have some clothes that are still good and you want to keep them, put them beside your KEEPER pile for repairs later.

Organizing Closets - Step Four - Empty the floor and the shelves of everything, and use this bag system for them too, with shoes, hats, scarves, purses and whatever else got stuff in your closet. Now vacuum, or sweep, and then dust the shelf that is in there. Now take a break and get in your car and take those donation bags to the donation box, and get rid of the garbage bags now. Your house will already feel clutter free, and you will feel good too!

Organizing Closets - Step Five - Come home, and either leave this for another day, or if you are on a roll, get back at it. Now take your KEEPER pile, and separate them out into seasons. If your closet is small, then you may need to keep seasons else where. Start putting back hanging clothes, such as dresses and blouses and skirts for the present season. Then if you can swing it, purchase a plastic 2 drawer container from Home Depot or Wal-mart to place in your closet for t-shirts, tops and other foldable items. If you can't afford that, then head to the thrift store and see what they have. They will quite often have small shelving units that you could place in the closet for cheap.

Also check your local dump for the "reuse" section, these items will be free from there, and many people get rid of garage sale items there. I quite often see plastic tubs, small shelves that would be perfect for organizing closets.

You just need something for folded clothes. Try and keep accessories in a dresser drawer if you can such as scarves, socks and underwear!

If you have a small closet and need to keep alternate seasons out of there to keep it organized, then you can use under your bed for those ones. You can put them in a suitcase, or a bag or something to protect them. When the seasons change, you can switch them out quickly.

Organizing Closets - Step Six - Shopping! If you can swing it, and realize that your wardrobe is sparse, as most of the avalanche of clothes were donations or garbage, now you have space to maybe add something new?. You deserve it after all that work.

Every morning you will be thankful when you can pick out your clothes with no fear of suffocating under a pile of falling clothes. Plus everyone at work will think you had a makeover, since you are not wearing the same thing all the time! It is amazing what can work its way to the back of the closet.

Organizing closets, does not have to be a scary thing, it can be fun, almost like Christmas when you start finding all those clothes you forgot you had, or maybe even the blender from the kitchen! You just never know.

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