Maybe you have just moved into your own tiny apartment, or maybe you have a small closet and it is now stuffed to the ceiling, since you had no other place to jam things. Either way, organizing closets, is not your favorite chore, but you have to do something right?

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 But just what do you do with your clothes if your storage is almost non existent? Some apartments have tiny ones, that barely fit a couple of coats. You don't want your clothes crushed, and you don't have the room for large dressers. Then you need to invest in a portable clothing rack.

Portable Clothing Rack. You can get these at Wal-mart, K-Mart, most home improvement stores and online at places like Amazon and Ebay. They are usually expandable and some have a bottom shelf. But for the most part it is a portable closet on wheels.  Example above pictured.

This is a much better idea, than hanging your clothes on the railings, chairs and bed posts! If your are trying to organize your space, and find a place to hang your clothes, then this is a great solution. If your present storage system is just big enough for this seasons clothes, then you can use this portable clothing rack and put it in a spare room with your alternate seasons clothes on it.

Storing Off Season Clothes. If these clothes are not going to be worn until next season, you could take a sheet and cover them, or if you think this looks tacky, you can get clothing covers that would go right over this rack. (Many of the portable clothing racks will sell the covers that fit over them properly and look clean)

These extra racks work really well for bulky items that take up all that room in your closet, such as winter coats and bulky sweaters. Organizing them, is a much easier task if you can separate out these bulky items.

If you have 2 small storage spaces instead of one, you could organize them to house shoes and bulky items in one, and your everyday clothes in another.

What if There is No Closet? If you don't have a spare bedroom, or you live in a bachelor apartment that has next to no storage space, then you can create a corner just for your things, by purchasing or making a room divider. These are portable panels that are hinged together to divide an area. You can have your extra portable clothing rack in a corner, and then the room divider in front of that so that your clothes are not on display. 

Create a Closet by Walling a Corner Off

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these room dividers can create an instant hidden storage area.

This way you are creating your very own portable closet space, and you can also hide tote boxes and other storage items behind this room divider too.

But if organizing your space and creating room divisions, still doesn't take care of all of your things, then you can start looking at under bed storage systems. You can get portable drawers on wheels from most home improvement stores, so that you still have access to your clothes. This makes use of wasted space.


Utilize Under the Bed for Storage

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easy way to organize shoes!

You can even get special blocks that will raise your bed higher, so that you can get deeper storage drawers to put under your bed. If you have a double or queen sized bed, then you have a large area of storage space underneath. But by getting these drawers on wheels, then you can have easy access.

Just because you live in a small space, or are on a tight budget, doesn't mean you can't organize closets to work for you, or even create your own portable space if you need it. It just takes some creativity, but it can be done. Also see Clearing Clutter - 15 minutes a day and Closet Organizing - How to Survive the Avalanche and Organizing Closets - How to Stop Losing Your Shoes for more ideas.