If you like to store your shoes in your room, then you need to tackle the chore of organizing closets to store your favorite shoes and clothes together. Now of course, this all depends on just how many pairs of shoes you own. But if right now, they are laying all over the floor in your room, or stuffed in the closet never to be seen again, then try this system for organizing your shoes.

You can purchase clear shoe storage containers, at most home improvement stores. But many times they are not super clear and you end up ripping apart all the shoe boxes, looking for your favorite shoes, and this can be a royal pain if you are late for work or an outing.

Next thing you know, your shoes are all over the place again, and nothing gets put away. You need a easier system to use. If you have found some closet space that is vertical, then you can still use those shoe boxes, stacked on each other, but this time, you are going to organize them so that they are in some kind of order. Such as work shoes right on top or where they are easier to find, and going "out on the town" shoes could be a bit further down, when you are not in such a hurry to get at them.

Organizing Closets - Take a Picture - Now take your digital camera and sit one of your shoes on the bed or counter, and take a picture of it, a close up side view. Do, this will all of your shoes. Then load them on your computer, and then print off each one on paper. Make sure they are big enough pictures that you can see the type of shoe it is.

Take this picture and tape it onto the outside of the end of the shoe storage box, and put the corresponding shoes in this box. You could use some clear packing tape and cover the whole picture so that doesn't get torn off. Now put the shoes in the shoe box. You could even do this with regular cardboard shoe boxes if you have them.

Now you can always see what shoes are in what box, and if you organize closets to stack your shoe boxes, along side your clothes, then you will have everything you need. If you can afford the room, you can also get wooden or plastic wall unit with cubby holes just for your shoes such as ClosetMaid 15-Cubby Shoe Organizer, White

Now if you have a bit of a shoe fetish, and have more pairs of shoes than clothes, then maybe you should create another closet space for your clothes, and dedicate your closet to your shoe storage boxes with the shoe pictures on the end.

Just make sure and put the shoes back in the right storage box. It will look like a shoe store! Keep your sneakers, and everyday shoes by the door, but for all those other heels, pumps, summer sandals and more, try using this system. That way you will not just find one shoe, and then have to go hunting for the other one.

Organizing closets - Get rid of Worn Shoes. If you start organizing, and you realize you have way too many shoes for the size of your living space!, then maybe it is time to cull the heard. Get rid of any well worn shoes, that are just taking up space. Even if you are attached, they are just taking up room. No sense purchasing storage boxes, for worn out shoes.

After you have culled the heard of shoes, get rid of the garbage, and now you can stand back and admire your collection of shoes, and then you can decide if there is room for anymore!

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