So, you come home from work, and you look around, and everywhere you look there is something. A piece of paper here, a chip bag there, some junk mail across the table and it just looks messy. You don't want to throw anything away, so organizing clutter is what you need to do.

Clutter doesn't necessarily mean garbage or junk, like it tends to imply. It just means, that things do not have a home, and are in the wrong spot, creating stress. You can feel stress just from looking at things, not in any kind of order. Yes there are some people who love chaos, but for the most part organizing clutter is a way to de-stress.

Organizing Clutter - Pick a Room. One of the easiest ways to do this, is to pick the room, you think it is starting in. It tends to be like a virus that spreads, but it usually starts from one room. In many cases this is the kitchen. Now depending on where your kitchen is situated, it may be the hub of the house, and this is where papers get dropped, snacks are made, homework laying around, the mail gets thrown, newspapers get piled up, and where you might pay the bills etc.

How to Declutter in 10 Minutes - So, one of the easiest ways for organizing clutter, and quickest, it will take you all of 10 minutes, is to create a IN basket that sits on the end of the counter, or where ever most papers get dropped. You can get a simple nice basket at the dollar store, or you can go for something more stylish and trendy at the home decor store. But pick the place where the papers tend to collect anyways. In my house it was the counter, so I put one at the end of the counter. It has to be quick and easy. If you expect them to open drawers or closet doors, it is not going to happen. Baskets are the best idea for this.

It won't make the papers go away, you will still have to look at them and deal with them, but it will sure make life a bit easier, when you are looking for permission slips from your kids for that field trip while in a hurry the next morning, or the bills, or the mail. This way, all you need to do is train everyone that any piece of paper that comes into the house must be dropped in this IN box and not anywhere else. So it has to be in a obvious and yet easy spot. You may need to put a sign on it to remind them in the beginning..

Try to sit it, where it will get used. Make sure it is big enough for all these papers. Organizing clutter, in this case papers, means that now you have them all in one spot, and don't have to waste time trying to find them, and your house looks instantly better. Just getting the papers off the coffee table, off the kitchen table or dining table, and off the counter and away from the front door will make a huge difference right away, and in just 10 minutes!

Organizing Clutter - Just Collect The Papers First. Don't stop and look at them, just go around quickly with your new basket and plop all the papers you see around the area in the basket. This is why it only takes 10 minutes, save the reading and opening them until they are all in the basket, then deal with them. Make sure and have a meeting with the family, and show them the new system. It might take a couple of days, but they should get used to it. As soon as they walk in the kitchen, they are going to see this IN basket and remember.

Organizing Clutter - Try and have a blue box or recycling bin in a kitchen closet or under the sink. It doesn't have to be big, but a place to deal with the junk mail and papers you don't need close by. So, once you have everyone putting papers in this basket, you can sort through it quickly in the evening, or while making dinner, and get rid of junk mail and scrap paper right away, by throwing it in the recycling bin. You can always have a bigger bin out in the garage or shed, but you should have a smaller one in the kitchen, then once a week, you can dump it into the larger one. Otherwise your pile of recycling papers will build up as everyone forgets to take them out each day, so by having a smaller one will help with organizing clutter.

How to Declutter Quickly - If you are wondering just how to declutter your home, the best advice, is one step at a time. You need your family to get used to new habits, so if you start with the most obvious clutter to begin with, then you can move on from there. If you do it to quickly, then you will not be able to find anything, and you will have a revolt from the family if you start throwing things out right away. So, start with the simple things like paper, and see where you can go from there.

Hopefully this inspires you to get organizing clutter, and feeling more in control when you get home from work. This would also work well in a home office situation. So, get yourself that IN basket and get started on organizing clutter today, in 10 minutes.

This is a 10 minute baby step. You don't want to make a marathon out of it, unless you have decided that is what you are going to spend your whole weekend doing. Start with the baby steps. Once you have all the papers going into the IN basket, then you can see other surfaces, and now maybe you will attack the magazine pile, but that can be the next baby step. For now pat yourself on the back for organizing clutter in 10 minutes and go from there. Also see Organizing Closets - Avoid the Avalanche and How to Declutter your Home in 30 minutes and Organizing Clutter at the Door and Organizing Clutter for Moving Day and How to Declutter a Basement for more tips and ideas.