So, after weeks of having to keep the house clean, and tidy, and hide the pets, you finally sold your house. You have gone looking, and finally decided on this cute little country cottage, and are really excited to start this new chapter in your life. But now the reality sets in, and you look around and realize, that no way, is all this stuff going to fit in the new place. How to declutter when you move, can be a daunting task.

Before you panic, take a deep breath and take this in baby steps. Right now you are probably trying to visualize your new place, and then the vision of boxes everywhere and you trying to unpack will creep in right?

Well you must have done some cleaning to sell your house, unless you were one of those lucky people that sold on "location" only. So, now you need to take the next step. Maybe you have some of your clutter in storage, and it now has to come back. No matter how you look at it, you have to get rid of some stuff. This is when you will learn the 5 second rule!

Organizing Clutter with a Pad Of Paper. So, get out a pad of paper, and break this down into steps. Just where do you start. Start with the rooms that cause the most distress. This could be the kitchen, or the bedrooms. But since you are not moving today, then maybe you should start with the bedrooms. Pick one bedroom as your first project, and don't go looking in any other bedrooms. Get a few boxes together, and no these are not for packing, these are so you can declutter and weed out your belongings.

Try and complete a bedroom in 2 hours or less, otherwise you will get grumpy and irritable. Or at least schedule lots of breaks, but if you start at one side of the room and work your way around, and make a decision about "things" in 5 seconds or less, you should get through it. Worse case scenario, you can have a "maybe" pile, but try and not do this too often.

How to Declutter a bedroom - start at one side. Pick one corner and start there and work your way around. Empty a drawer or closet or whatever it is at that side, either drawers or on the floor. Take a box and mark it DONATION, and take another box and mark it GARBAGE. Then anything you are going to keep can go on the bed for now. You can usually tell within a few seconds of picking an item up whether it is a keeper or a donation. If you have not worn it in months, or you just never got around to getting rid of it, then this is the time. Use the 5 second rule when you can.

The closet might take a bit longer, but if you pull out each top, each dress each pair of pants, and quickly decide, then you will get through it fast. You might have to take a break and get more boxes! If you are on a roll, then keep going, just make sure and drink lots of water. Just keep in mind your new house, and also keep in mind the cost of moving the stuff if you become unsure.

Organizing Clutter and Getting rid of Some - If you are torn, remember that moving trucks charge by the estimated weight, the less stuff you move the less it will cost you, and what are you going to do with it at the other end? Is there even space in the new place for this item? If you let these questions run through your head while you are organizing clutter, then you will get through that bedroom quite quickly.

Even if you have to leave the bedroom to get more boxes, don't get distracted by other rooms. Today is THIS bedroom. Get this room done and then you can start on another room.

How To Declutter - Get Rid Of The Boxes Right Away. Once you have filled the donation boxes and garbage bags or boxes and all that is left is the keep stuff on the bed, get rid of them now. Get help if you need it and get them out to your car now, and treat yourself to a coffee or tea out for doing such a good job. Drop off the donation boxes, and get rid of the garbage boxes before you start going through them again. You have made your decisions, so now get them out of the house as you complete a room. This way you see clean and no clutter, which will feel good.

Now once you are home again. Carefully put away the keep stuff, unless you are moving next, week, you will still need these things. But look how much easier packing day is going to be now that all you will be taking is the stuff you want to keep. You will feel liberated and have helped charity with your donations.

Organizing clutter, works well if you have a bit of a system. So, that is why it is good to start at one side of the bedroom and work your way around. If you don't have much time then start with the dresser. The lighter this is to carry the better. Once you have done the dresser then you can move on. Don't forget to check under the bed. Most of us cram the stuff in the closet, but dressers can fill up with clutter too!

How to Declutter a Dresser - Pull the drawer right out and sit it on the bed, have your boxes ready and dump the drawer, then take each item and give it the 5 second look over. You will probably find all kinds of unmentionables that you don't wear anymore, and odd socks. Good time to get rid of them. Then put this drawer back with the keepers and go to the next drawer. Always keeping in mind the new house, the moving van expense and organizing clutter at the other end.

Organizing Clutter For Moving Day - Once you have the bedroom sorted out, just think how easy moving day will be. So, with that in mind, you can now tackle the other rooms in the house, such as the basement. That one is a whole day by itself, and you need to bribe someone to help you with this one. But that is another day, for today, pat yourself on the back for organizing clutter in the bedrooms and making moving day easier. Also see Organizing Closets - Avoid the Avalanche and How to Declutter a Basement and Organizing Clutter at the Door and How to Declutter in 10 minutes - First Easy Step and How to Declutter your home in 30 Minutes for more tips and ideas.