Creating Your Personal and Business Spaces At Home

Defining Your Work and Personal Time At Home

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If you believe you want separate spaces for personal and home business use, decide which activities would occur in each surroundings. This is not in reference to separate his and hers offices so each spouse could have sacred space; this is about creating two stand alone spaces each having a different use: one personal and one purely professional.

For instance, when you have a small desk space that meets the kitchen, you could fit it out using a laptop, files, supplies, calendar and a paper-processing center to make a household hub. At this hub you could pay bills, set appointments, organize schedules, and sort mail. The spare room or office may then be devoted as professional space for your business. If you have a huge home having extra rooms, you can pick out two different spaces and call one the home office and one the business. Alternatively, some bigger homes are constructed with two office spaces that may provide an ideal space for both private and business use.

If you have no office furniture yet, a trip to a furniture store like Chiasso, a less expensive alternative to Ikea, would greatly help you plan and furnish your space with items you will need.

Two separate spaces make much more sense if the home houses two adult members, one or both who work from home. The spouse who works from home could be keenly interested in making a professional boundary. One may even build a shed-like structure onto a property to use as a professional space. You can kiss your spouse and kids goodbye each morning at the same time and report to work in the yard. You can install air conditioning and all the amenities of a professional office. Then come home for lunch and at an appointed time at night, but you can be considered away for the day. Having this boundary established, your space would be clearly defined, and you may fulfill your work role in this little shed. Your spouse on the other hand can use the joint home office like the personal business center of the home. It would be easy to route paper and items to either space: Any business items would go to the shed and any personal items goes upstairs to the home office.

If you're a single person who wants to establish both personal and professional offices, you'll want to assign the tasks that will happen in each space. You should find yourself shuttling between the two spaces and realize that your demand to have specified professional space is less important if you're the only one puttering around the household. Setting official office hours for anybody who wishes to work from home is the way to go. Instituting devoted time to work in each location will uphold the effectiveness of both personal and professional offices.