Organizing the Bathroom on the Cheap

If you have teenagers or just a lot of people in the house, this room can quickly get out of control. You could probably open a store in my place, for all the expensive bottles of shampoos, lotions and more.

Of course, when I question my daughter about any of them, she will tell you what each product does exactly, and now I know why she needs so much time in the bathroom.

I have also discovered, the bigger the vanity in there, the more stuff that gets spread out. So, bigger is not always better for these items, you need some sort of system.




Pro-Mart DAZZ 42-Pocket Over-the-Door Organizer, Natural Canvas
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(price as of Sep 23, 2016)

Over the Door Bathroom Storage

Even the tiniest of bathrooms usually has a door.  The back of the door can be utilized for lots more storage space.  There is way more space than you realize.  This is very fast and affordable storage that doesn't require any installation, so is perfect for rental space too. You can be sorting things out instantly.

There are clear vinyl pockets so you can see clearly and quickly what is there.  I find these are even better than extra shelves in the vanity, there are no worries of things being pushed to the back.  Using the pockets for all your products helps you to keep track of them when they need replacing too.  You could even assign a row to each person if many people have to use this space.


Nifty Cosmetic Organizing Carousel, Black
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(price as of Sep 23, 2016)

Makeup Storage Carousel

What do you do if you have lots of small items, such as makeup and brushes?  The over the door system may not work in this case, so you want something that can house a lot of supplies and yet keep the counter top or vanity clean.  

If you even have just a small space to fit this, you will be surprised by just how much it can fit.  It is convenient and easy to see everything you need.

If the top of your vanity is where most of the mess is, with makeup and small items that can easily fall into the sink and plug the drain or makes it hard to clean on cleaning day, then getting things off the vanity is priority first.  

Now that you have the bottled products on the back of the door and the makeup and smaller items in the carousel, now it is time to attack the hairdryers and curling irons!

Organizing Hairdryers

This system needs to attach to a wall but is another way to get your hairdryer off the counter.  It can be dangerous to leave it there especially around water and if you tend to leave it plugged in.  

If you have other appliances such as curling iron, you could get two of these shelves.  If you prefer not to attach anything to the wall, there is another type that fits over the vanity cabinet door below.

Over the Door Hairdryer Storage and Accessories

You could use this style if your vanity has cabinets.  You can keep your hairdryer and assorted accessories in this easy to grab holder.  

Now that the makeup is sorted, the bottled products are off the counter and on the back of the door and the hair appliances are out of the way, you should be able to see your vanity top or sink top!

Organize Your Medicine Chest

If you have a medicine chest, you can even add more items to that space by utilizing the area with these additional shelves that will fit right in.

This will get the toothbrushes and toothpaste a place to live that has easy access without everything falling out when you go searching.  This is usually why things don't end up back in the medicine cabinet, because there is no quick way to organize it.  You could get a couple of these to help with razors, and other items that are still lingering on top of the vanity or beside the sink.

The less you have cluttering up the vanity the better and easier it is to clean and keep clean.  Having a organized bathroom can really help keep you calm first thing in the morning.

At this point you might want to update your towels and linens to really make the space pop and with everything in its place, it will feel like a whole new bathroom.

Dollar Store - Many Great Options

When organizing a bathroom, you also need to watch your budget, and sometimes you can get some really good ideas and deals at your local dollar store or dollar tree.  You could get creative with products from there.

 Bins, baskets, cute trays and all kinds of accessories live in the dollar store.  I spent some time in there one day, trying to figure out how to rearrange the bathroom, so that it was easier to clean, and looked organized. No money in the budget right now, for the total bathroom remodel, so will have to get creative.

So, we decided to go for "assigned areas". The vanity that is in there right now, has three drawers that were overflowing with discarded products, and whatever else was laying around. I am pretty sure things just got stuffed in there after being asked to clean up after themselves.

So, the first project was to sort out these drawers. I didn't get much response from anyone when I asked for some help, after all I had been on a organizing clean up thing for the past few weeks (New Years resolution). I think they all figured it would die out, and then all their lives could go back to normal.. NOT. As soon as I mentioned the bathroom, there was this quick scurry to see what I just might try and throw out.