Storage Tips for Laundry Room or Utility Room

How to Organize the Utility Room

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The laundry room is among those private spaces in the household that appears to draw in all types of unrelated items. It's a familiar dumping ground for dirty laundry, items that need to find a new home, forgotten pocketed treasures, overflow storage, and things you are trying hard to put out of sight. It could also serve as an area for a pet. Due to the typical vinyl flooring, a lot people place their kitty litter box in the laundry room, and other people use it as a holding pen for their disobedient dogs. Based on its size and location in the home, the laundry room can develop to include a lot of other roles, as well as mudroom, utility room, or even hobby room.

Whether your room functions only for the purpose of laundry hub, or it easily doubles and even triples as other purposes, your family requires easy access to it. In order to restrict the time you spend in this space you might need to reorganize your existing room or, if you're lucky, add on a new space that improve serving your needs. Most of us must contend with the space we have, but there are ways to create a laundry or utility room that truly works for the family.

Necessities and Nice-to-Haves

Only a few items are, in truth, needed in a laundry room. If you think of it, all you really need to accomplish the task are two appliances: a washer and a dryer. You'll need suitable, easy to clean, waterproof floor and, ideally, a drain in case of washer spill over. Some shelf for your laundry soaps and supplies is important as well. A trash bin for captured lint, dust bunnies, and dryer sheets is also a must.

Apart from the essentials, many different features can improve your laundry experience. Whenever possible, place a sink for washing delicates, soaking out stains,  and drip-drying. An over-the-sink bar for drying items and putting in hangers is also a plus. Drying racks are valuable. Those who have no counter space for folding clothes often envy those who do, yet many who have that surface space wind up dumping other things on the open counter rather and continue their habit of folding on a bed or couch. Additional storage like cabinets and drawers are nice-to-have features that extend the possibilities of your space. A lot of additional features are available for the laundry room, but as you witness, we all operate a bit differently in our own households, and those habits should be taken into consideration.