I'm sure that there are many families that have trouble keeping their home organized, especially if you have children (or a husband). Our family and extended family have always struggled with keeping the inside of our home as organized as we would like it to be. Here are some proven tips in making sure you keep your home decently organized.

1. Everyone Needs to Organize their Own Bedrooms and Keep Them Clean.

If you're the parent, make your children keep their own bedrooms clean. Create chore lists and make sure they at least do the following on a daily basis:

-Make bed.

-Pick up dirty clothes and put them into personal laundry basket.

Everyone should be able to at least do that everyday. Be sure everyone keeps their books on bookshelves (unless reading them or keeping on nightstand, etc.), everyone keeps their pets items in a particular location, etc. Make everything have a spot where it goes so it's never just put somewhere to get it out of your sight; that's what creates clutter.

Everyone should vacuum and dust in their own rooms. Everyone should also wipe down all the mirrors and glass surfaces in their own rooms. This should happen approximately every two weeks.

2. Pick a Clean Up Day.

Pick a clean up day so that everyone is working together. When everyone works together, the job gets done so much quicker and one person is not left doing the work alone. If you make this a must, everyone will help out (even the kids) if you make sure they know they won't be allowed to go anywhere if they aren't through with their chores. If your husband has time, he could be doing some outdoor upkeep such as yard work.

3. Laundry, Laundry, Laundry.

Everyone needs to do their own laundry. This does not consist of putting a load of clothes in the washer and leaving it for someone else to finish. This includes washing, drying, folding and putting them away. When people don't do their own laundry, it ends up being a never ending process for one person inparticular. When laundry is never ending, there always seems to be a "messy" area where laundry is being thrown in piles and organized beside the machines. This creates a sense of clutter no matter where the area is and could be avoided by everyone doing their own. If you have a lot of children, assign a day for each person to do their laundry. If it's after school, that's okay, just make sure it's completed before bedtime.

4. Assign Daily Duties.

When you assign daily duties to members of the household, it will make everything run smoothly. Once again, one person is not trying to get everything done with no help. For example, assign kitchen duty to one of the children. After dinner, ask them to clean up, wash the dishes (or load the dishwasher) and clean the kitchen area. This is a simple task, but can help out dramatically. Another example is assigning dog duty. One person can be sure the dogs have food and water and take them for a walk. Rotating schedules will keep individuals from getting too bored with one task. This also instills values and responsibility in everyone.

5. Bins and Labels.

Buy some canvas or metal bins for organizing. Either buy a labeling device that prints out stickers or magnets or write on the bins in permanent marker. Assign a bin to everyone and keep them lined up on shelving or in a designated area. Built in shelving works great for these so they can slide into the shelving and be out of sight. Assign one or two bins to each person in the household and also assign bins for general items that everyone uses on a daily basis. That way everyone knows where everything is and everything has it's own place. This will cut down on random items laying around in random places. Each person will have a bin for their commonly used personal items, such as shoes, gloves, hats, etc.

I know these tips seem strict, but if you abide by them and keep them going, you'll see a serious difference in the unwanted clutter throughout your house. Not to mention your children will learn to understand responsibility and the idea of working together to get things done.