Organizing Tips for Holiday Decorations

Organizing Tips for Holiday Decorations

If your holiday decorations are in bags, assorted boxes or containers that you can't easily locate and that are kept in several areas of the home it's time to use Organizing Tips for Holiday Decorations.

The problem with having disorganized holiday decorations is that when you don't know what you have and don't know where it is, you're more likely to just continue buying more items that you really don't need and the clutter continues to build up.

Organizing your holiday decorations will help you easily find what you have, get rid of unwanted items and clear clutter from your home all of which also helps to reduce holiday stress that so many people suffer during this time of year.

Get Ready to Organize Holiday Decorations

Set aside time that will be undisturbed so that you can focus on sorting, cleaning, arranging, repacking and tossing. If you have other things to distract you from starting this project (yes, it's going to be a project), you'll probably delay, delay, delay and never get it done. Schedule it in your calendar if need be.

You may want to ask a family member or friend to come over and help you if you have trouble making decisions on what to save and what to keep.

Think of how nice it will be to know what you have, where it's all located and have a clutter free area of your home when you're done. That will help you motivate to start.

Things You Will Need:


White tissue paper or white muslin

Work Table

Blow dryer

Clear Storage Containers

Sharpie Market

Storage Shelving

Sorting through Holiday Decorations

Set up the largest work table that you have near your holiday decorations area so that you can look through boxes and bags without hurting your back.

Pull out all your assorted containers, boxes and bags that currently house your holiday decorations and set them around your work table.

Start with one box at a time, pull out everything and set on your work table.

Make areas nearby and mark with a sheet of paper Keep, Donate, Sell and Throw Away.

Decide what you want to keep, donate, sell or throw away each decoration and start adding items to each of the piled areas. If you know you haven't used an item for a long time and it's still in good condition, plan to sell it to make extra money for the holidays.

If you have a hard time making the decisions to keep, donate, sell or throw away having a family member or friend can help you get rid of what you haven't used in a long time.

If the item isn't in perfect condition for selling but can still be used by someone, consider donating it.

Throw away anything with missing parts, too dirty to clean, holes and broken decorations. If it can be recycled, place it in the recycling bin instead of throwing it into the landfill.

Keep working on this sorting process until all of the items in current boxes and containers have been looked at.

Discard old cardboard boxes, bags and newspaper to the recycling area.

Cleaning Holiday Decorations and Shelving

Wash any holiday decorations that you'll be keeping, donating and selling with warm soapy water gently if dusty and dry with a soft cotton cloth.

For cleaning fragile holiday decorations, use a blow dryer on low to remove dust.

If you'll be keeping items or trying to get money for them, they need to be in good working order and clean otherwise, throw them away.

Allow all cleaned holiday decorations to dry completely before proceeding.

Wash the shelving unit where you'll be replacing all your holiday decorations and dry thoroughly as well.

Get Re-Organized with Holiday Decorations

Using your clear storage containers, re-pack the holiday decorations for keeping by wrapping each item with white tissue paper or muslin that will protect your ornaments.

Take your time to carefully wrap each item so that it will stay clean and last longer.

* Newspaper can transfer the ink onto decorations and disintegrate over time and is not the best choice in wrapping holiday decorations. Using several layers of tissue or muslin as a much better choice to wrap and keep decorations clean.

Keep like items in each container as much as possible or organize by room used. This will make it easy to decorate even if you only have time to do one room at a time, everything will be in the container to decorate each room:

Fragile decorations or Living room

Wooden decorations Kitchen

Angels Bathrooms

Trees Bedroom

Santas Guest room

Candles Family room

Garland Entryway


Tree ornaments


Label each container using a sharpie marker to help you know immediately what is in each container for fast decorating and organized use of space. You'll also now use all of the decorations that you may not have seen in a long time. This will also help you if you'll be moving, it's all marked correctly.

Line up your new clear storage containers on your clean shelving unit facing forward so that you can see and read all the labels clearly.

Donate, Sell or Throw Away

Pack up all the decorations that you'll be donating using an old box and place in your vehicle so that you can drop them off in the next day or two. Avoid procrastinating heading to the donation center that will add more clutter in your car. Get a receipt from the donation center that allows you to take a tax deduction for your very generous donation. Added bonus!

Throw away all the bags of garbage you have accumulated by organizing your holiday decorations. It feels good to get rid of all this excess stuff in your home.

Sell your holiday decorations that are still in good working order and clean on or Do this as soon as possible so that you don't create more clutter in your home and take advantage of early shopping habits of others that are looking for your items online. You'll make extra money for the holidays with this newfound income and it can help you buy your holiday gifts or pay a bill. How exciting!

Good luck, I hope these Organizing Tips for Holiday Decorations will help you

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