Organizing Tips for Quick House Cleaning(75931)Credit: solrac_gi_2nd @ morgueFileHouse cleaning is a chore most people need to face.  Almost as many try to avoid it as long as they can.  As tedious as it is, there are a few simple systems you can put in place to make it easier on you and your entire family.  Have a look at these organizing tips that will lead to quick house cleaning.

Where to Store Cleaning Supplies

Store cleaning supplies where they are needed.  Many households store cleaning supplies together under the kitchen sink or in the laundry room.  If you move cleaning supplies to the place you need to use them, it won't seem like such a time-consuming activity to clean an upstairs bathroom.  For example, keep a roll of garbage bags at the bottom of each garbage basket.  Keep bathroom spray, paper towels and sponges in each bathroom.  Make sure there is a duster and dusting spray available in upstairs hall closets for easy bedroom cleaning.

Use Your Waiting Time

The four-minute break that used to exist for commercial breaks is now a thing of the past.  Even if we aren't watching DVDs, the world of satellite television means we just simply change the channel when there is a commercial.  Make time for commercials in your life and use those few minutes to shift things from the living room to the kitchen or sort through the mail or any number of small tasks you can tackle quickly.  

Other small minutes of useable time you can use include are:

  • The time it takes to brew coffee for packing away dishes.
  • Curling iron heating time for packing away makeup.
  • Waiting for the kids to be ready to make your bed.

The possibilities are endless.  Find the time and use it wisely.

Reorganise and Rethink

If the winter gloves are stored on a shelf above your child's head, you can bet he isn't going to put them away.  Same goes for setting the table or unloading the dishwasher.  Your storage systems may have worked for years, but if they aren't now, you should change them.  Take some time and look at the storage systems you have and what you are storing there.  If you are still keeping the plastic bowls in your kitchen cupboard, and your youngest is fourteen, its time to pack it all away.  Better still, get rid of these items altogether.  Chances are you won't use them again.  

Scheduled Laundry Days

Make a schedule for which days you will do which load of laundry and post it above the washing machine.  Let all family members know where the list is and that you will enforce the schedule.  If their favorite pair of jeans aren't in the basket before seven on Tuesday evening, then they need to wait until the following week.  Most children, even young ones catch on quickly.  If you do one load of laundry every day and are diligent at pulling loads out of the dryer for folding, you will never have a big pile to get through, nor will you have a stack of laundry taunting you.  On that note, teenage children should be doing their own ironing, just set the clothes in their room and let them figure it out.

Schedule Chores Around Family, Not the Other Way Around

You may think that domestic bliss means a home where all the chores get done on a Saturday morning with all the children waking up to pitch in.  But this may not happen, especially as your teenager may not get out of bed until that time.  The trick is to schedule these chores around what works for each member of the family.  Perhaps your sixteen year old needs to have completed his weekly chores before going out with this friends, while your ten-year old needs to have his completed before he can play video games.  House work isn't about having everything clean at once, it's about having a clean and healthy home.

The Walk ThroughLaundry Day: Organizing Tips for Quick House CleaningCredit: ppdigital @ morgueFile

Make a habit of walking through a room before you use it.  Start at the entrance and work your way around back to it.  Put everything where it belongs and make small piles near the door of things that belong somewhere else in the house.  Before sitting down in front of the tv or preparing a meal, take these items back to the room they belong in.  When this becomes habit, and everything is always in its place, consider dusting or vacuuming just before using the room.  You will find the habit becomes so normal that you may never need to worry about scheduling cleaning time again.

Bigger Than Weekly Chores

If your problem is bigger than just finding cleaning time and has more to do with clutter, then you need to schedule the time to do take care of this.  Plenty of resources recommend spending fifteen minutes a day, but when it seems insignificant, it is easier to forego when you aren't feeling up to it.  It also means you can spend those few minutes shuffling one pile into smaller piles.  If you have tried a few minutes a day and it doesn't work, then save those minutes up until the weekend or a day off and tackle a couple of hours at once.  Or make it a goodwill box or garbage bag full or certain section of the room cleared.  You can even schedule just one task a week.  As long as you are getting it done.  Just make sure you regularly get rid of everything you have packed up, and not keeping it in another corner of your house.

Keep in mind that no matter how many of these tips for organizing your home for quick cleaning you choose to use, you will have better results if you add them to your housekeeping routine slowly.  Pick one to start with and make it a habit.  Focus your efforts on one change at a time and make sure everyone in your house is on board before you add in the next one.  Before you know it, housework won't feel like a chore anymore.