Take a Number Systems Improve Your Crowd Control

We've all seen those red and black number dispensers in movies and television shows, usually prominently displayed as someone approaches a deli or butcher's counter. They seem a thing of past at this point, and yet, take a number systems are some of the least expensive and most effective way to manage crowd control and the flow of customers within your small or medium business. A take a number system is easy to setup and usually comes mostly assembled in its package. You may need to affix the dispenser to its pole or base in order to get it ready for customer use, and you will probably need to install the first roll of take a number tickets. However, once you have the basics installed, you will notice that your customers naturally take to the neew system and that your business flows much more smoothly. 

Two Major Categories of Take a Number Systems -Electronic and Mechanical

When selecting a take a number system for your business, you have two major options to choose from, depending on how much you are willing to pay and whether or not you want to go the high tech route or can settle for the simpler take a number systems. Firstly, there are electronic take a number systems available. These tend to be pricier and a little bit more complicated to setup. The major benefit of these electronic take a number systems is that they feature a wall plaque that will echo the current customer's number, so that all your employees and waiting customers will know exactly what's going on. 

These electronic take a number systems can help to cut down some on confusion as well as to reduce the likelihood of disputes arising over whose turn it actually is. When the current ticket number is reflected on the wall for everyone to see, there is a lot less possibility to argue that you were there before someone with that ticket number! 

Meanwhile, having the electronic number up on the wall can help to keep your employees focused and reduce their likelihood of making an error, such as skipping over a waiting customer or serving the wrong order to the wrong ticket. This is essential because much of customer satisfaction revolves around getting the right order to the right customer, the first time around and without mistakes. Nobody likes having to wait to have their order reprocessed or leaving with a wrong order only to find out once they've gotten home that your employee served them incorrectly. 

Mechanical Take a Number Systems

If you don't quite have the budget for electronic take a number systems, you may be just fine with mechanical take a number systems, so long as you don't mind not having an electronic wall display that keeps a master tally for everyone to see. 

Even without these wall hangings, the mechanical crowd control systems can be just as effective if used correctly and so long as everyone pays attention to their proper use. Mechanical ticket-based crowd control systems work by feeding each new customer a numbered ticket that they must hold onto until your employee calls out their turn. 

With a little attention and a proper crowd-control setup, these mechanical systems can be just as effective as the computer based ones. It is usually recommended that you use expandable crowd-control posts with fabric belts to create an easy to understand queue to your service counter or service station. Place your merchanical crowd control ticket system at the front of the entrance to the line so that each new customer can pull their numbered ticket and know exactly where they stand. 

Why Even Bother with Ticketed Crowd Control Systems?

Although some small business owners eschew such crowd control systems, thinking they are overly oppressive or nit-picky, the fact of the matter is that most customers appreciate the businesses they frequent having a system of organization in place. Consider the fact that it only takes one mistake for someone's experience with your service counter to go terribly awry. Either someone could be served in the wrong order, lose their place in line accidentally or due to employee error, or receive the wrong order because the line leading to the service counter is not organized. 

It is far better to invest a little time and money up front to install and test a proper crowd control system so that every one of your customer's gets a fair shake when patronizing your business.