Countless blogs will have a landing page for Twitter accounts. Organize your blog Twitter landing page to maximize it for a blog. Displaying the best content for a blog will get the most out of Twitter followers that visit a blog to convert them into readers or even blog followers.

One of the best ways to use Twitter followers is to use sneeze pages of a blog for a landing page. This will effectively bring more readers to the best content of a blog’s archived information.

Decide whether you should build a separate Twitter landing page

Numerous bloggers will decide whether to create a Twitter landing page based on several factors.

  • The number of Twitter followers coming from Twitter to your blog. Google Analytics or similar analytics that measure a blogs statistical data can tell how many visitors to a blog are coming from Twitter versus other sites.
  • Are you an active Twitter user building a large following specifically for blog visitors

Before building a Twitter landing page

Some bloggers aren’t as proud of some of their archived blog posts as more recent postings. Part of organizing your Twitter landing page will be reviewing these older posts and making necessary changes for improvement.

Note: If you feel some of the older archived posts can do with a little “pick me up” then now is the time.  As you evolve as blogger/writer your posts should become better overall. Better subject matter, writing, titles, tags and other things that are ingredients to make your blog better. If you critique your archived posts and notice a way to make your content quality better, by all means do so as soon as possible.

These are several methods that a blog can use to make a Twitter landing page

Use a profile image as a blog’s Twitter landing page

The profile image for a blogger is a wonderful way for Twitter followers to learn about a blogger. The space in the Twitter profile that asks for a website address is where to place the direct URL to the Twitter landing page in place of the blog’s generic URL. This is where the “sneeze page” for a lot of contents specifically for Twitter users. You can select any name for the page that fits.

Avoid using the URL shortner if possible. URL shortners will make things look like spam. The only exception is a blog with a longer URL that will not fit. If you must shorten the URL, keep it short enough to include the majority of your blog URL to make it not seem or appear as spam.

Provide links to a bloggers About page

A Twitter landing page will generally offer the same answers to visitors as a blogger’s About page or bio material. Though, it is a terrific idea to link to a bloggers About page anyway to cover all bases. Although it seems a blog may link the same things more than once, don’t fret. A reader that cannot find a page quickly or easily enough may leave the blog. Therefore, several different avenues to the same source are a good idea.

Provide options for subscriptions and what subscribing means for a reader

One time visitors are converted to a two-time reader or subscriber, if visitors have an option on a Twitter landing page. Understanding what a blog subscription is about is an extremely effective way to have a visitor subscribe. Posts should be provided with the overall subscription information.

Link to other blog sneeze pages with a complete theme content rather than each post

A good blog post is a dead-end for navigation for a new reader. It is always a better plan of action to direct a Twitter visitor to a List of Great Posts before giving them a single blog post to read.  A bunch of sneeze pages with good posts organized by themes can aid with this task.

The more choices a Twitter visitor can check the chances increase they will find solutions in the blog material that can give answers for an issue the Twitter visitor wants and needs.

When building whatever sort of Twitter landing page for a blog, make certain social media themed content is included

Twitter visitors may enjoy social media themed content, since they are using social media as a link to a blog. A post on Twitter specifically works great. Though, other forms of social media will work for inclusion also.

Thinking of building a Twitter page for blogger visitors? These are wonderful ideas around the process that will be of use for any blogger.