Organizing a Birthday Party Revolving Around Hello Kitty Party Favors

Everyone, especially children love birthday parties with a theme that revolves around their favorite cartoon characters. A Hello Kitty themed birthday parties are hot among girls of all age group. Once the selection of the theme is done, you need to make a decision on the invitations, decorations, Food, games and activities and finally on the hello kitty party favors.

Invitation is the most important part for any party. It makes an impression on the kind of party it would be. Invitations would certainly set the pitch and anticipation for the party. A good invitation cards will build the excitement about the forthcoming party. If you have the required items and a creative mind, you can create your own hello kitty invitation cards.

You can either purchase readymade hello kitty invitation card online or personalize them. Here are few ideas. Make a bow with a pink or red colored paper. You will find hello kitty stickers in any departmental store, set it in the centre of the card and sprinkle it with glitters. You can also get the images of hello kitty from the web, all you need it get them printed on the invitation card directly.

After the invitations are circulated, you need to start concentrating on the food and decoration ideas. The color scheme of the hello kitty themed party is always surrounded by pink, white and red. Choose plenty of streamers and balloons with these colors for decoration. You can even place a hello kitty toy at the centre of every table and hang a balloon bouquet to it.

If you want to give some more personal touch, hang an off-the-shelf Hello Kitty banner or a personalized banner. Place a centre table and scatter it with small candies, pink sequins or party confetti. Make sure to add Hello Kitty posters on every wall with an appealing flower piñata. If you need more ideas, you can always search online and find new hello kitty items and accessories.

Choosing party food is very important while planning a party. The food should go along with the party theme. Make sandwiches in the shape of flower, heart, star, and cat using appropriate sandwich cutters. Add hotdog, watermelon balls, strawberries covered with chocolate, pink lemonade and lot of other food with pink background.

Hello kitty party favors are important part of any party with the same theme. Yet, birthday cake is more important item for any birthday party. Luckily, the sweet face of hello kitty is the simplest design to make a cake. If you are good at cakes, try baking a cake in the shape of Hello Kitty itself. This will be a pleasant surprise for the kids.

Don't forget to make the arrangements on hello kitty party favors many days before the party, so that the kids do not get disappointed. There is an entire range of party favors available to choose, which can bring a smile on your guest's face. Some of them include, sunglasses shaped like heart, lip gloss, hello kitty stickers, hair clips, Hello Kitty activity and color books, and lots of other items. You can also get them personalized with bookmarks, bag tags, zipper pulls, badges and buttons.