Whether you’re child is moving on from kindergarten of graduating high school, chances are their teachers have played a big role in the things that your child has learned over the years.  Throwing a teacher appreciation party at the end of the year is the perfect way to recognize their hard work and thank them for all that they did for your child.  Organizing a teacher appreciation party is one of those events that will receive a lot of parent donations and volunteers; it’s just a matter of organizing and asking for help.  The following are a few tips to make party planning easy and to leave your teachers feeling appreciated and loved.

  • Parents of children in the class will be more than happy to bring a food item to share, especially if they don’t have to do the party planning.  Send around a flyer or signup sheet for parents to volunteer to bring something from the list – drinks, snacks, treats, etc.  Get a general idea of what people are bringing, so you can make sure you have enough food.
  • Teachers love to hear nice things from their students.  Have each of the students write something that they’ve specifically learned, something they’ve loved about that year, what they like about their teacher, etc. and put them together in a book for the teacher to read.  Or you could have the students trace their hand print on colored construction paper and write something they’ve learned on it and then hang them around the classroom.
  • Forgo fancy serving ware and decorations and opt for cheap party supplies.  You’ll save time and stress and lack of hassle will far outweigh the cost of the disposable items.  Buy paper plates, cups and napkins in your school colors and have the students decorate the classroom with things that they’ve created over the year, pictures, memories, etc.  You could even have balloons in school colors and a simple bouquet of flowers to give to the teacher as a thank you from all of the students and their parents.
  • Ask a few of the students to prepare something to say to their teacher.  Whether it is something that they have loved about that year, something their teacher has taught them or a special way they’ve been influenced by their teacher.  It doesn’t have to be rehearsed, just thoughtful.