As I go slowly through my house to get a few things organized, I realized that I didn’t have to start with the big ticket items such as entire rooms or floors, I could start small.

After tackling the junk drawer in the kitchen I decided that even these smaller jobs still reaped great benefits, as to how good it feels to open it and see everything in its place.

The one tip I can definitely send out there while I am organizing my house one drawer and closet at a time, is to take a quick look at the disaster area and decide which containers would suit for proper storage.

Then get these containers or dividers or whatever you think would work ahead of time so that you have a place to put all your new found treasures rather than simply piling it back in to start growing into a large pile again.

The Linen Closet

I have decided that my next project is to organize the linen closet.  Before you start picturing this large double door gorgeous closet stacked with nice linens, mine is not.  It is a pokey little closet in the hallway that also houses seasonal table cloths, extra toilet paper, towels and paper towels. 

Things tend to get stuffed into this space, or the pile of somewhat folded linens falls over as it was being held up by the boxes of tissues I purchase in bulk.  So, once the tissues run low the pile of sheets falls over.  So I decided it was time to clean this space out and figure out a better way to deal with it.

If you are anything like me, most things once they are “out of sight out of mind” is what happens.  So, the main floor may look clean but lurking behind those closed doors are piles waiting to burst out.

I tell people not to open the doors in case they get attacked by the pile.  They laugh but it is true!  When we moved into this house a lot of things ended up in this cupboard simply because “where else would it go” at the time, and the goal was to make the main floor “clutter free”.

Step 1 – Empty It

Ok, so make sure you have room for at least 3 piles on the floor and be ready with some garbage bags or boxes.  Create a pile for “thread bear it is time to toss” and then “donations” then “keepers”

I found it was easiest to simply haul it all out at once, but you may prefer to do this one at a time if you are scared of a pile falling on you.  I spread it all over the floor so I could get a better look at everything.

I tried to then match up sets of sheets such as the fitted, with the top sheet and pillow cases and then either laundered them again (since they rolled all over the floors) or folded them up nicely into the keeper pile.

Step 2 – Match Like with Like

I then found all those rogue pillow cases that had seen better days and even found one that had been used for a Halloween bag at some point and worked its way back into the linen closet.

I found sheets that I didn’t even own a bed for.  Like single sheets when I no longer had any single beds, so they went into the donation pile.

I guess when we move, we simply bring all this linen with us, forgetting that many times we have got rid of beds somewhere along the way.

I then went through the bathroom towels and tried to find all the hand towels and face clothes and held them up to see if they were worth keeping or not.  Many were thread bear and had seen better days.  Or my hubby had been using some of the hand towels for after his day in the garage and they ended up in the wash, but you can just imagine how well they turned out.  So they are tossed.

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Step 3 – Clean, Wipe and Even Paint

Now that your shelves are empty, do you want to take this a step further?  You could put shelf paper if you have older beat up look shelves or you could take it a step further and paint them.  Just make sure you have it all swept out and clean for adding things back.  It is amazing just how much dust and debris can work its way into what is supposed to be a clean space!

Now you can decide just how you want this to all fit back together.  Make sure that you put things away in such a fashion that it is easy to get and easy to put away.  Once there is a home for everything then it should stay organized.

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Shelf Dividers

These are really cool for any closet or cupboard.  They allow you to stack items, which is great if you have the height but not the width in your closet.  The picture shows stacking sweaters, but you can use these to stack linen, and towels and whatever else you store in there to keep them separated and not falling over each other.

These dividers make a great investment in your organizing journey as they are adjustable too.

linen closet organizingCredit:

Towel Storage in Bathroom

If you simply do not have the room in the linen closet for towels, you could use one of the above dividers and roll up the towels, or you can remove them from this cupboard totally and set up a small shelf system right in the bathroom.

This way the towels are all in the same room.  This might be a great time to go shopping and treat yourself to some new towels that match your bathroom décor.   

It is amazing just how much junk can end up in a tame little linen closet.  I was stunned at what I actually packed and moved to this house we are in right now.  I am so glad that I got rid of the clutter and now my tiny linen closet actually seems quite large and spacious!