In the past Nada Thomson used to help organize people's property, now at the Sanctuary Mission she helps individuals to organize their lives. Nada Thomson started out as a Personal Organizer with her own company called Artful Organizers and made the move into supporting the poor around 2006.

The mission is a healthy or wealthy community that is embodied for the rejected and abused. All ethnic groups regardless of belief are welcome, the Sanctuary will try to help as many people as they can. The charity has members from all walks of life, both genders and a diverse age group, nobody is excluded. Five hundred faces every week and annually in the thousands.

The mission has a street outreach team which helps with jail visits, meals prepared by friends, Children's Aid, court visits, as well as helping to get their kids into safe properties. They also provide a health clinic and a psychiatrist, or substance abuse treatment or physical therapy for their body. Meaningful employment is another concern, with teams helping people into work through employment training.

Every year, The Sanctuary has a big Christmas feast with candles and in the galley with gigantic windows. With Xmas gift bags, a feast, talent shows and a play, this is really a special time for all those involved. Through the summer there is a 5k walk and in September the mission holds a music concert. It is without a doubt significant that people know that when they donate money, they can participate. One of the primary objectives is to break down the barriers between those members of society who are rich and those that are poor. Those that feel that they have no self worth left are helped to see that their life is worth more, therefore giving them back their dignity. To really help these people, time, a feeling of camaraderie and friendship are just a couple of things that make a difference to someone previously shunned by society.

We're not here to replace social services, we're here to work with social services, Thomson says. Thomson also goes on to say that those individuals who previously lived on the streets now have a roof over their heads. They would not be able to do this without someone to help them search for a house and help them find furniture.

One of the nicer stories of The Sanctuary is that a young woman was born and raised in the Toronto area. Not too soon after she was born, she was sent into foster care. The neglect she experienced included her aunt setting light to her cot. Cockroaches crawled all over her little body when her grandmother looked in on her one day. One of the worst atrocities she suffered was that of being sexually abused. Placed in foster care the heartache did not stop, with numerous foster homes, addictions and relationships that didn't last, this, now young woman, was at a very low point in her life. With support from quite a few people this lady is now moving forward with her life and has been a regular at the sanctuary for 4 years.