Summer clutter needs to get organized before fall

When organizing your summer garage for the fall season, create more fun than stress if you know how to go about it. If you are among those getting your garage ready for the fall, the tips listed below will go a long way in helping you out. They are:


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  • Categorize: This is the first step towards organizing your garage. This means that the seasonal gardening tools should have their own corner, the seasonal sporting equipment should have their own corner too. The same thing applies to the regular home improvement tools, car repair kit and the grill items.
  • Create Piles: In this step, you will need to create 3 different piles. First one is “Throw out”. The second one is “Donate or Sell” while the third one is “Keep”. This helps you to determine those tools that are no longer good and will be disposed of like rusted garden tools, empty cans of paint and lots more and those that are still good but not useful to you anymore, equipment lying around in the garage even though your children have outgrown them.
  • Bring in boxes: For those items that are in the “Keep” pile, it is necessary they are kept well. For example, you can put the little home improvement tools like hand trowels, tapes and lots more in a box for easy retrieval when needed. Don’t forget to mark the boxes for easy identification of the items contained inside without opening the boxes.
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  • Create space on the floor: To organize your summer garage for fall, research has shown that when you have more room in the garage, you are sure of safer traffic in there. Based on this, you should get most of your car repair kits, gardening tools and sporting equipment off the floor.
  • Install hooks and hang up ladders: This particular step comes in handy if you are to create enough space on the floor of your garage. With the heavy hooks installed on the walls of the garage, instead of letting items like golf bags and lawn chairs cover the floor space, you can hang them on the walls but making sure they are not blocking any windows or doors.

I am sure that with these few tips on organizing your summer garage for fall, you will be fully ready for the season as it comes.