You can use organza, like other fabrics, to create clothing or standard household items such as pillowcases and tablecloths but when crafting with organza, take advantage of the fabric's lightweight and sheer appearance. A thin layer of organza adds color to your projects but also allows light to filter through, exposing other materials below the fabric or giving your creations a light and airy feel.

Herbal Sachets

Organza's sheer quality allows you to fill small pouches of the fabric with herbs or dried flowers to create decorative sachets with visible contents and a touch of color. Martha Stewart recommends sewing together two 4-inch squares of organza using a 1/2-inch seam allowance along three sides of the fabric. Stuff the organza pouch with lavender, patchouli, rosemary or a potpourri mix and sew the opening closed. You can use pinking shears to cut along the edges of each sachet and create a decorative edge or use fabric paints to decorate and personalize the sachets. Use your homemade organza sachets to add fragrance to your dresser drawers.

Organza Jewelry

The Country Living website suggests using strips of organza to create your own jewelry. Use memory wire to form the desired shape of your necklace or bracelet. Accordion fold strips of organza to create a stack of the fabric and gently pierce the center of the stack with the memory wire to thread the fabric onto the wire. Continue to add folded stacks of the organza until you are satisfied with the appearance of your custom jewelry. Try using different widths of the organza strips to give your jewelry a tapered effect. You can purchase clasps from craft stores and attach them to the memory wire with pliers to finish your creation.

Gift Bags

Create gift bags for wine bottles, hard to wrap items or small party favors such as candy with organza. Measure your organza fabric by laying the item onto the fabric. Fold the fabric over the item to completely cover it. The fold should be located at the bottom of the gift for best results. Cut the organza along the top and sides of the item leaving a three to five inch border to accommodate for seam allowances and create a loose fitting bag. Sew the sides of your gift bag together and turn the simple bag so that the seams are on the inside. Now you can fill your organza gift bag and use a ribbon to tie the top shut. You can also use fabric paints or glitter glue to decorate your gift bag.