Increasing numbers of men are now finding that oriental brides have their attractions. Oriental ladies are exotically beautiful, age gracefully and can make loving devoted wives. Here's what you need to know about finding an oriental bride, and how to safely navigate the many oriental dating websites available on the internet.

Oriental Brides

If you're looking for love in the orient then it's a good idea to think about which country you want to find an oriental beauty from. Most men find an oriental bride from China, Japan, Thailand or the Philippines. A few adventurous men also find love in South Korea, Vietnam or Indonesia. Whatever country you look for love, it helps to love the culture of that country, as well as being prepared to have a go at learning the language.

There are good and bad points about ladies from each country. In addition all women are different. Before you start looking for your dream oriental girl, it's a good idea to have a think about which country you want to look for an oriental lady in.

Meeting Oriental Brides

There are a wide range of oriental personals sites on the internet. If you're interested in finding oriental brides then sign up to a few sites and see which ones you like the look of. Most dating sites offer a free membership option so you only need to take out a subscription if you want to contact an oriental lady you like the look of.

Some sites you need to be a bit wary of. Free Asian dating sites are particularly popular with dating site scammers, so be especially careful on these. Free sites usually offer limited safety and security guarantees, so be particularly careful with not disclosing too many personal details about yourself on them. Free sites are also popular with singles just looking for boyfriends and casual relationships, so be wary that many of the ladies on them might not be marriage minded. Remember that you generally get what you pay for, and this applies to free Asian dating sites.

When choosing an oriental dating site, there are a wide range to choose from. Some have ladies from several countries, whereas others are generally country specific. If you know which country you want to find your oriental bride from then it's usually best to choose a country specific dating site. Popular sites include Chinese Cupid, Thai Love Links and Filipina Heart. Sites with ladies from a wide range of countries include Cherry Blossoms and DateInAsia. If you want an oriental bride then it's often a good idea to join a dating site that has marriage minded singles - stay well away any site that concentrates on the chat or flirt aspects of relationships.

When you're looking at oriental singles websites, one type of site to be wary of is the letter writing site. These sites are usually free to join. Every time you want to contact one of the ladies on the site then you have to pay a credit in order to get your email to the lady translated. Usually you also have to pay to read the response from the lady. While this type of site makes it possible to make contact with oriental ladies who don't speak or write much English, it can be an expensive way to have a relationship. These sites are also wide open to abuse as you can easily find yourself spending money on communicating with ladies who don't exist, or you'll find that you receive lots of letters full of fluff and padding, but little in the way of your questions being answered.

Another way of meeting oriental singles is to use a professional introduction agency. These are widespread through the orient, but are most widespread in Thailand, with a few in the Philippines. These agencies generally charge a fixed fee for helping you meet a marriage minded oriental lady registered with them. Popular agencies in Thailand include Thai Professional and Anglo Thai Introductions. While you won't have the bewildering choice of ladies that you do on oriental dating sites, you can be reassured that the ladies will have been identity checked and interviewed in order to ensure they are suitable for marriage to a foreign man. They will also be marriage minded, and less likely to mess you around.

Oriental Grooms

Loads of men find brides in Asia. But what if you're a Western woman who wants to find an oriental man? Although many of the Asian dating sites are geared towards the mail order bride business, there are plenty of websites where you can chat to oriental men online. Two sites worth a look are Japan Cupid and Hong Kong Cupid. Japanese men are wealthy and sophisticated, so they can be a good choice for an oriental husband. Plenty of Japanese men like the idea of finding love overseas. Men everywhere are fairly shallow, so it figures that you'll find it marginally easier to find love in Japan if you have blonde hair. Hong Kong is another alternative if you want to find a sophisticated Asian man.

So there are a few options if you're interested in finding an oriental bride (or groom). Many men and women have found love in Asia, so good luck with your oriental dating experience.