Oriental Rugs For Sale

Decorating a house, apartment, store, or basement can be quite a fun task; choosing to include some of these rugs in the decorating process can be the much needed finishing touch to the process. However, with literally thousands of models that are available, it may be quite difficult to choose which one you should buy. The first step is to choose what type of carpet you are looking for, and then the specific model can be decided upon. This article lists the top 5 types of oriental rugs for sale, as well as the best specific models within those types; take a look at these before glancing at any other models and you will surely be satisfied.

Afghan Oriental Rugs For Sale

These definitely have the most unique designs when it comes to oriental rugs for sale. They can be commonly found with a wide variety of colors, as well as designs that are unique in their own manner. If you are considering the purchase of an Afghan type, be sure to take a look at these models before anything else, and you will surely be pleased with their design.

Timuri Baluch $699.99

Baluch Prayer $1399.99

Baluch Rare Square $1799.99

Chinese Oriental Rugs For Sale

The Chinese models of oriental rugs for sale are by far the most aesthetically appealing. They don't skimp out on any aspects of design; many of their carpets use the styles that are taught in professional design school. These models do not vary in color by much; however, each design that you look at is absolutely unique, and will not remind of anything else that you have ever seen.

Ningxia Pillar $1399.99

Antique Ningxia $8349.99

New Ningxia $1299.99

Antique Gansu $5449.99

Khotan Pomegranate $11999.99

Turkmen Oriental Rugs For Sale

These are the least popular when it comes to oriental rugs for sale, but that does not mean that their models are less valued than the others. Although their popularity factor is not huge, their designs are absolutely phenomenal. If you glance at these models, you can be sure that you will take a look at the price tag for a potential purchase, rather than moving on to the next rug.

Tekke Rectangular $2249.99

Beshir Orange $1499.99

Choudor Ensi $1849.99

Yomud Large $2699.99

Ersari Silk $1499.99

Antique Oriental Rugs For Sale

This type can be considered the "best bang for your buck" regarding oriental rugs for sale. It is not that their quality is any lower or the designs are any worse than the other types, but rather that their designs are of the general type rather than specific. This causes the price to be driven down; however, it is a great thing if you like their designs because you will ultimately be paying less for the same quality product.

Arabatchi Carpet $7499.99

Heriz Red $3499.99

Senneh Kilim $1749.99

Tekke Wedding $949.99

Salor Rectangular $1799.99

Persian Oriental Rugs For Sale

This is the most popular and common type out of all that are featured in this article. They offer an absolutely unique design, and do so for a price that will not break your bank! Although their models are a bit pricier than usual, they offer unique designs that are far from any other types that you may see.

Bakhtiari Carpet $1499.99

Asfahan Seirafian Design $7499.99

Iran Heriz $3499.99

Meshed Carpet $4499.99

Kashkuli Carpet $2199.99

Selecting some oriental rugs for sale can be extremely beneficial to the decorating process for any building; whether it is your house, apartment, or basement, there will always be benefits to choosing one of these models. This article lists the top 5 types of oriental rugs for sale, as well as the best models within those types regarding quality, design, and price. Take a look at these models before you inquire on any others, and you will surely be satisfied with your purchase