Blogging For Dollars

Original content blogging for dollars is a metaphor for the chance we take when we jump into the on line world of niche blogging.

Think of this endeavor as poking your head into a big bucket of water and trying to grab dollars with your teeth. It's not going to be easy despite what all the Internet gurus will tell you. It takes consistent hard work and a complete resolve to never give up. Patience and an energetic work ethic will eventually prevail.

Starting out blogging on line to make money most people will have huge expectations and they may be quickly disappointed when their perfectly designed work of art doesn't immediately go viral and get a thousand visitors an hour like it should have. What's wrong? Why isn't my counter moving? How can my work be that bad? These are all questions everyone asks themselves when they write on line for a seemingly unresponsive public. We all want to know, Is there anybody out there?

The answer is quite definitely yes, they are all out there. A mass of users all madly searching for this and that. Millions of queries each day looking for you and others like you. People throughout the world with information to share.

So how can we be sure that the right people find us? We need targeted traffic if we're going to build a following. If we want to be known in the world of information seekers as a reliable source of this information then we must entice our way into the hearts of those looking for just that info.

Humans are by nature giant sponges. They absorb information relative to the things around them in their lives. If someone has a soar back in the family, members of that family are going to seek information about soothing back pain. If the garage door is broken then people are going to seek information about fixing the garage door. This is no secret marketing method or guru Internet crap; this is just pure logic.

Getting yourself to the people that are looking for you is as easy as providing the information that those people are searching for. Publish your blog or website and proceed with submitting it to search engines and other websites by back linking and guest posting with links back to your content. If you have the best answer to any given problem, then your work will eventually receive the correct targeted traffic consisting of people that will benefit from what you right.

Traffic is the number one thing to being successful, second would be making sure that the traffic you do get is targeted. The third and final part to all this on line writing stuff is good content. Make sure you have something in your work that the reader coming here will gain insight from. This creates value in your work and as long as this exists then someone needs it.

The rest will take care of itself over time. Make sure you are publishing with a well ranked company like blogger or if your using an article base to host your work then go with a good one like InfoBarrel or Ezine Articles. You want your articles to rank high so go with a winner.

Monetize your work any way you think is going to work. I use Google and Amazon but there are a multitude of ways to earn with any on line content and many people have become quite rich with on line writing and blogging.

If you take one thing away from "Original Content Blogging For Dollars" it should be patience. Waiting is the hardest part. Search engines can be excruciatingly slow indexing our work. Some pages will sit in the proverbial sandbox waiting to be properly indexed for months which can become very discouraging. Again the higher ranked article sites will get you to the top of the search faster then most. Blogs take constant posts with all the same niche topics and steady back links from prominent Internet sites and blogs. The golden rule for amount of back links is you can't have too many.