Original GangstazCredit: MyselfIf you enjoy passing time playing PvP games on your Apple handset (iPhone, iPad, iTouch etc) then read on and see if this Original Gangstaz iPhone game review interests you enough to download this app.

If you are easily offended by ‘street’ language or moderate game violence then this game will not be for you. While staying inside the strict guidelines of Apple’s family friendly content this game stretches the boundaries.

The picture below shows you the main in game interface, I will explain how to play Original Gangstaz and what all of the available options are;

Original GangstazCredit: Myself

Rechargeable Stats

Following the same model as almost all pay as you play games there are several rechargeable stats within Original Gangstaz. You can either wait for stats to recharge so you can carry on playing, or make in game purchases for real money.

Health – regenerates 1 per 5 minutes

Energy – regenerates 1 per 4 minutes

Stamina – regenerates 1 per 2 minutes

Loyalty – regenerates 1 per 10 minutes


This is more like a sub game with in the main game. There are several casino games you can play using chips you either accumulated in game or purchased with real money. The rewards are tickets that can be traded for weapons to aid you in the main campaign.

Get Money

You can complete ‘jobs’ by using your energy to earn weapons and money. There are several jobs available with more unlocking as you increase in level. This is a fast way to earn cash and weapons.


Fighting against other players is the staple of the game. Select an opponent from the list and attack them. If your attack strength is higher than your opponents defence strength you will win. Your overall strength is determined by your level, your gang members and your collection of weapons.

Original GangstazCredit: Myself


Here you can buy weapons for your gang. Each gang member can use one weapon, one ride and one item of gear. Buy as many weapons as you have money for to make sure your gang is fully equipped to show your highest attack value.


Check in regularly to see what the latest wars are. Goals will be set to be completed within the time limit for you to earn rewards.


Always remember to bank your cash, failure to do so will result in other players stealing from you. You can also buy slums and upgrade them to earn an hourly income.

The Doc

Every time your health reaches zero from fighting other players drop into the Doc and replenish your health for a small fee.

My Profile

Within your profile you can view all your stats. These include fights won/lost, job completed, kill count, wars won/lost, Doc visits and achievements.


Original Gangstaz is an easy game to get involved in, the menus are clear and well designed and the playability is fairly simple. There are some long distance achievements to keep people interested for months and you can play as little or as much as you want.