I am pretty new to InfoBarrel, having only had one article published so far (at the time of writing this article), but I am really enjoying writing and earning, and I'm particularlly impressed by the great forum here.

However, I have already set myself a InfoBarrel writing challenge, the inspiration for the challenge comes from the blog post 'How To Make $2,000 Per Month' by my4hourworkweek.com. I have made some slight alterations to his goal, as I hope to speed the process up a little, as I believe I have sufficient time and motivation to be writing more than his three articles a day.

I have chosen to publish my InfoBarrel article challenge online for two reasons. One, that I can be held accountable for not completing the challenge via you, the reader. Second, so if this challenge is a success I hope that you can replicate it, also I can present you with what I have learnt.

When I have completed my challenge, I will then publish another article to wrap up the challenge. 'The Results' will point out any 'unexpected' problems that I came across, analyse my data against  my expected results and how difficult or easy it was for me on a personal level in carrying out the challenge.

The Maths Behind the Challenge

Passive Income: An extra $270?

So here I am going to do a quick breakdown of the maths involved.

I will have to be writing 5 articles a day, on the assumption that the month has 30 days. (150 articles to be divided by the 30 days = 5 articles to be written a day.)

Is this possible? I certainly believe so, this month is a holiday for me and therefore can apply as much time that is needed to complete the 5 articles a day. Also, I can vary it as this is only an average, hence writing three articles one day, then the next day six, and then six the day after also, which hence gets me back to the average of five a day.

Then I expect to get around four views per article per day, all my presumed data has been taken from the blog post from mentioned earlier, which then gets me to a total of 600 views a day, which then in a month my total views should be (30 days multiplied by the 600 views a day) equal to  around 18,000 views a month. Then from the  my4hourworkweek.com post, he claims a 'pessimistic' average of $15 per 1000 views, hence from my calculation  I should be expecting an extra (18,000 views/1000 views, so the 18,000 views divided by the ratio given = 18 which is then multiplied by the ratio of $15) $270+ a month to my passive income.

Note: I should also be making money even in the process of completing the challenge, earning all the way up to completing the 150 articles in the month. For example, on Day 15, I will expect to have 75 articles along with 300 views a day and hence on that day earned approximately  just under $5.

'Expected' Problems?

Now, don't get me wrong I would love for the plan to be smooth however, even before the challenge (more of an experiment to me) has begun I am expecting to come up against  some issues, I am probably going to find some more on the way also. 

My first 'expected' issue: Writer's Block

As I am aiming to write five articles a day for infobarrel.com, I am going to have to come up with 150 articles to write about, but I need to also make sure these articles are useful and are fully of great content. The problem being, what if I can't think of what to write about!

Solution: I did a quick search into the InfoBarrel search engine with the term 'Writer's Block' where there must be literally hundreds of articles related to solving this problem. However my favorite solution, I have come across so far is, not to think about what to write, but write about what I would like to learn.

My second 'expected' issue: Loss Of Motivation

I will be writing five articles a day out of my free time, for the next thirty days, and if I aren't earning or gaining any views, this could potentially discourage me to want to carry on writing.

Solution: I have published the challenge, hence I can be held accountable, which to me then on a personal level with leave me with a feeling of guilt for not completing the challenge. Also for each day i have given myself five article titles, and five short  article plans, in a kind of check list format. So when I  have completed a particular task I can tick it off, then when all ticks are completed I will entitle myself to some sort of mini reward.

My third 'expected' issue: Staying focused

One major problem that I suffer from is staying on task, I get very easily distracted. For example, an article  that takes the average person say 30 mins, it would probably take me an hour or more due me being distacted by even the slightest issue, hence taking my attention away from the actual task in hand of writing articles.

Solution: I am locking myself away in the office and treating the time I spend on these articles as less of a hobby and more like a job. I will also allocate time during the day ( like a timetable) to actually complete the tasks in hand.