I knew that I wanted a metallic tree. I had to get an artificial one just because I have only had a live tree once. I loved the way that it smelled when I first got it; but not a few weeks after. It was a hassle to clean up after and I also didn't appreciate how I was worried for weeks hoping that it would last until the Christmas season.

However, even though these are convenient and inexpensive I didn't really love the way that it looked. So, I had to make a compromise. I didn't want a tree that looked fake. So I decided to go with a metallic tree that could never be found in nature. It looks glamorous instead of just like a bad imitation.

Silver Christmas Ornaments

I like the tradition of collecting Christmas ornaments year after year. Plus, I tend to have expensive tastes and would never be able to buy an entire set at once.

My plan is just to stick with one color palette which will be silver. I will also include crystal within this. This should look good on almost any tree even if I get rid of my artificial one in the future. Plus, I can always change out the garland or the tree skirt and the rest of the ornaments will still match. This ensures that I spend my money on ornaments that I can actually keep for the rest of my life.

It also means that I can mix in a lot of popular trends. One year this might be mercury glass acorns or birds. It might be words like "believe” or a more traditional snowflake. It means that every ornament has a very specific meaning to me and has a personal meaning for each year without it just looking liking a mish mash colletion.

Silver Christmas Tree Skirts

This is a piece that I haven't been able to find yet because I want something very specific. I think I may just have to make it a DIY project. That’s ok because it's difficult to make your own Christmas ornaments. Metallics always look fake when you try to paint them and believe me I've tried. This leaves beading which isn't that fun of a project to me. Instead, I can concentrate on my tree skirt. I want a velvet piece that almost looks gray but still matches the rest of the ornaments and color schemes. This is a common color palette for snowflakes and village designs but since these are so neutral I want a pretty plain piece. I might choose a damask or jacquard design but will probably just stick with a plain velvet.

Decorating a Fake Tree

This is the look that I chose to go with. I felt that the tree was just much too modern looking to just go with a typical red and green color palette. Crystal ornaments are my favorite although they do tend to be expensive. Instead of a lot of crystal ornaments I like the look of a lot of clear glass balls. Usually these are just the basis for a lot of craft projects. However, for a monochromatic palette just keep it the way that they are.

Then it's time to add in more ornaments. These include salt dough ornaments and pressed paper ones which are my absolute favorite for this time of year. It's one of the few craft projects that actually looks quite chic.

Usually you would paint these or try to bring out a trendy pattern. However, for this type of tree I like to just see them left in a white look which also cuts down on the amount of time you'll need to spend. This fake silver tree has a bunch of good reviews.

Book page ornaments take a trend that is popular in everyday decor and makes it popular for this time of year. This could include birds, fans, or rosettes. It's inexpensive to make and is one of the few paper ornaments that actually looks elegant. Remember when decorating with this kind of artificial tree you'll need to neutralize your actual ornaments and get a cohesive theme and color palette.