Venetian Glass Mirrors - Ornate Antique Masterpieces

Venetian Glass Mirrors are held to be at the pinnacle of mirror craftsmanship, and have been coveted throughout history. Dating back to the 13th century, glassmaking has always been a specialty of Venetian craftsmen. Their quality and craftsmanship was so high, the ruler of Venice ordered all glass makers to be moved to the highly guarded island of Murano to protect their secrets. As time passed, Venetian glassmaking became an even more closely guarded secret as the glass most prized for its beauty and quality.
Venetian Glass
The work of these craftsmen focused on three type of glass: decorative colored glass which was of extreme beauty, flat pieces of glass also known as plate glass, and glass for use in mirrors. By adding chemicals to the glass formula in differing amounts the glass makers attempted to create a clear glass. Venetian craftsmen worked tirelessly to develop the technology possible to create a clear-looking glass by perfecting the application of a metallic backing to the smoothest glass. Venetian glass mirrors quickly became the envy of the world, bringing in top price from courts all over Europe.
As all secrets in history go, the technology was soon leaked and replicated all over Europe. By the end of the 16th century, a good number of skilled artisans had escaped for cities that would offer more opportunity for them. As London and Paris began producing Venetian-quality glass mirrors, prices dropped and mirrors began adorning castles, courts and manor homes throughout the world. Despite the abundance of clear glass mirrors, Venetian mirrors remained superior to all others.
Modern-day Murano Glass Pieces
Nowadays, the quality of craftsmanship that comes with Venetian glass mirrors is still very high. The fevered demand in Europe for Venetian glass mirrors, then and now, is quite easy to comprehend. Venetian glass mirrors hold a depth of view that simple mirrors do not. Additionally, Venetian glass mirrors are treated like jewels; they are shaped and crafted to display all facets of the mirror, often displaying wide borders of etched glass or tiny prisms.
Quality Venetian glass mirrors are still made and can be commissioned from artisans in Murano, the very same island where they were brought to safeguard their secrets. In design circles, the mere mention of Murano immediately brings to mind the highest quality glass. True Murano pieces practically transform your bedroom or living room, as it oozes with elegance and classiness. Venetian glass mirrors come in many sizes. They are usually quite elaborate, with beautiful layers and artistic etching; they don't normally have a frame. Instead, their beautiful shape and etched design acts as the frame. Floral designs are common for the etchings as well, while many are adorned with multiple layers of design.
If paired with an elegant dressing table, an amazing effect can be achieved. Venetian glass mirrors also look very good in the foyer or the entry, as they are able to draw the eye of any visitor. Another spot worth adorning with a mirror of this type is the bathroom, as its clean, classic style is able to instantly improve the overall ambience of any space. It is also noteworthy to cite one particular property which enables this mirror to excel in comparison with other decorative piece. If placed in an area or wall with bold colors, the Ventian glass mirror really dazzles, as it creates a focal point in any room. And finally, it would be interesting to note that placing two of these together in one room, probably on both sides of a dresser or other prominent pieces of furniture, creates a stunning effect.
Mirror Your Elegance
Mirrors are a beautiful way to bring light into a room and open up an interior space. Areas that work well when highlighted with a mirror include opposite a door in an enclosed foyer, over a fireplace to bring warmth into a cozy den or in any dark corner to add light and an illuminating accent.
In general, mirrors of these types not only enhance a room's lighting like other mirror types, but can either work as a centerpiece itself. It can also be used to effectively accentuate other decorations and furniture. From living rooms to family rooms, bathrooms to bedrooms, there are few spaces where a mirror will not add to a room's overall design, lightness, warmth and color.
Both antique and modern-made Venetian glass mirrors can be found in sizes varying from towering to tiny. Antique mirrors, although expensive and more difficult to find, may reflect age spots or rings of discoloration, but age only makes the reflection warmer and richer. Newly made Venetian glass mirrors are more readily available, easier on the budget and do not lack any of the original charm and beauty of 16th and 17th century styles.
Incorporate Venetian glass mirrors like these then to any design, it only requires one to use one's imagination and a good eye for detail, to mirror your own elegance into your home.