Memory Foam Pad Orthopedic Dog Bed

If you are looking for the best orthopedic pet bed available on the market today then there is a lot of choice available to you.

We all want what is best for our pets.  For all the love and companionship that they give us it's only fair we make sure they are as comfortable as possible by buying them an appropriate pet bed.

After reviewing lots of them, and being dragged around numerous stores, I can  recommend a  Orthopedic Memory Foam Pad Pet Bed

Our Canine Challenge

We had a challenge with our 7-year-old King Charles Spaniel named Rudi: he wouldn't sleep at night.

Whether it was due to the hardness of the floor, the old boys joints getting sore with age, the stars aligning incorrectly or simply because our dog was becoming a pre-madonna, we did not know. One thing we absolutely did know, is that we had to fix this problem and fast.

His bed was a mixture of an old dog basket, a towel and a cartoon dog pillow. When we bought all this stuff it looked amazingly cute and Rudi was just older than a pup. But alas, time had wearied the basket and the cartoon dog on the pillow was aging faster than Rudi. It was all thanks to age, an abundance of dog drool and load of shed dog hair. So we felt that there was nothing else for it and a new bed was in order.

Although Rudi was no spring chicken at 7 years old we also knew that he was no longer the pup we once had. We needed to get a dog bed that would be comfortable for him now so he would sleep but also meet his needs (and ours!) in the next few years to come.

After a look at what was available to us we eventually went for a 100% Memory Foam Pad Orthopedic Pet Bed.

We felt overall that it had the best results in a number of important areas. Namely:


Our first priority was comfort. If our dog wasn't going to lie on the new bed then he almost certainly wasn't going to sleep there, and we would still have the problem of a insomniatic dog. So we set out to get the most comfortable dog bed we could find.

With our new memory foam bed we got over 4 inches of thick memory foam pad so it moulds to the shape and size of Rudi. When we take him for a walk in the morning I always notice the dog shaped dent left in the bed. It's a bit like on the old cartoon Scoobie Doo when Scoobie and Shaggy run through a door leaving an exact silhoutte of themselves on the door. Of course there was no haunted fair grounds here and thankfully Rudi is nowhere near as annoying as Scrappie Doo.



The bed comes with an internal layer that is made of a waterproof fabric complete with a zipper cover to secure the pad. Although Rudi has long since passed the days of not being able to control his bladder we are aware than in the future, like all ageing dogs, could be victim to the odd accident. In the meantime it's good because all dogs sweat in the summer time and the waterproof barrier doesn't allow the foam mattress to become soiled.

The outer layer is made of a denim like fabric which made it easy to clean. The denim layer also safeguards against Rudi biting through it into the foam below.

Orthopedic Matress

It did occur to us that Rudi could be suffering from a mild arthritis so, we took him to the vet and but we were given the all clear. Although it then wasn't our  first criteria, an orthopedic mattress was helpful and we hoped this added comfort would stop the midnight wanderings of our insomniac pet.

An orthopedic mattress provides support and comfort while keeping the spine properly aligned. As illustrated on the drawing below.

As well as being good for support the mattress is quiet heavy so it doesn't end up being moved around at night when Rudi was tossing and turning.

Dog With A Happy Smile


Although we never want to skimp on price and buy an inferior product we don't want to blow the family inheritance on a dog bed either. The children would never forgive us.

The first price we got for this was over $150 which we thought was a bit steep. After shopping around we found it on amazon for less than $100 so felt this was more reasonable.

When you consider that other beds are selling for $199.00 - $299.00 we felt a bit more pleased with our purchase.

The Verdict

Although it is possible that we could be pleased with our purchase and think we are doing the best for Rudi, it would mean nothing if he didn't sleep on it throughout the night. After all this was the whole idea in replacing the old bog basket in the first place.

Well, I am pleased to report that Rudi absolutely loves it. There is no more wandering at night. In fact there is almost no wondering at all as he is quite happy to lie there all the time. 

There are many morning when I come down to find him lying in exactly the same place as when we left him the night before. In the evenings Rudi likes to be with us as we watch T.V., he's not an avid T.V. addict you understand but likes to be in our company so we have to move the bed into the front room.

 So we are definitely pleased overall with our buy.

It's been a few months since we bought it and the mattress hasn't sagged at all and the memory foam is doing its job.

We've washed the covers a few times and they have held up well. The covers do smell a bit of dog but I suppose that'll always going to be the case.

Infact we are so impressed with the memory foam idea that we're thinking of getting one for our bed. After all if it's good enough for our dog it might be good enough for us.