Finding the best supination insoles to buy will provide your feet with more comfort and stability. Orthotics insoles are becoming increasingly popular for those with foot conditions, particularly those who suffer from either pronation or supination. Insoles not only stabilize the foot, but they can relieve pain, and treat quite a few foot injuries. Whether you play sports, or need better support for your everyday walking shoes, orthotics insoles can provide you with exactly what you need. Down below are some of the best orthotics for supination out on the market, and why you should wear orthotics for supination.

What is Supination?

You might confuse supination with pronation, although both conditions can lead to similar problems. However, supination is the exact opposite of pronation. The outer part of the ankle moves in an outer direction toward the ground whenever one is walking or running. This puts a lot of burden on the tendons in the ankle. This can easily lead to ankle injuries, particularly if one experiences supination and works out a lot. Arch pain, heel plain, achilles tendonitis, and plantar fasciitis might result from supination.

Those who suffer from supination tend to have a higher arch in the foot. If you're not completely sure if you have supination, then you should make an appointment with your podiatrist to be sure. However, you can probably tell whether or not you're experiencing supination on your own. You'll feel extra pain and stiffness in your outer forefoot, particularly the heel. You can also try the old foot print technique  to see if you're suffering from a high arch in the foot. If majority of the arch doesn't show up in  your foot print, then you suffer from high arches, which tends to lead to supination.

Do Orthotics Insoles Work?

Yes. Your podiatrist will recommended orthortics insoles, and maybe recommend better shoes for you to wear even. However, there's really no other treatment for supination. It's genetic, and there's nothing you can do to change the makeup of your foot, besides finding the proper support. What orthotics insoles do is provide the proper support and comfort, while stabilizing the foot. Orthotics work to provide a more natural gait cycle, and take a ton of pressure off your forefoot, heel, and arch. They're really harmless and easy to wear. Most of them are so light you hardly notice you're wearing them. They provide plenty of support, and can treat quite a few foot injuries.

The Best Supination Insoles to Buy

Pedag Correct Plus Shoes Inserts - The Pedag are comfortable padded insoles that work well to stabilize the feet of those with supination. They provide a correct motion of the heel when walking and working out. Plenty of comfort is provided to keep your foot comfortable. The orthotics insoles are made with tanned leather and latex.  They'll reduce ankle, achilles, heel, and arch pain.

Pedag Correct Plus Shoes Inserts

Spenco Orthotics Insoles

Spenco Rx Orthotic Arch Support 3/4 Length Shoe Insoles, Women's 9-10 / Men's 8-9
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(price as of Dec 3, 2016)

Spenco Orthotics Insoles - Spenco has a large collection of orthotics insoles for supination for both men and women.  They have the full length RX or the 3/4 length to choose from. When you order online, you can have your insoles customized just specifically for your arch. They're very popular and some of the better made orthotics out on the market. A tough nylon material provides plenty of cushioning, and absorbs shock while reducing friction. It can be used for running shoes or causal shoes.