Osteoporosis Exercises for Women

Osteoporosis exercises are great for those who want to maintain bone density. As we age bone loss is inevitable, so the best we can do is exercise and try to slow it down. It's not as hard as one might think to strengthen our bones. Age isn't a factor either anyone can do them.

I've been doing osteoporosis exercises for years without even knowing and maybe you have too! If you walk then you're doing at least one exercise for osteoporosis. Quite possibly you may need to increase how much you walk to get best results, but at least you have a start. Just three to five miles per week is sufficient and you can use a pedometer to keep track.

Exercises for osteoporosis work best if they are weight bearing exercises, which means you're supporting your own weight. Any exercise that requires you to bear your weight or use resistance will help.

Depending on your level of fitness you can do aerobics as an osteoporosis exercise. The use of videos at home is a good option if you don't want to go out. Or you could do team sports like volleyball or one on one sports such as tennis and racquetball.

Weight training and exercise bands are another option since they are resistance training. If you've never trained with weights or bands then you may want to watch videos on Youtube to see how they are done properly. Or join a gym and have an instructor design a program that's specifically for you.

Golf would be another good sport to play if you walk and not ride around much on the cart. As you can see there are plenty of osteoporosis exercises for you to do. Just choose one or several and alternate them, so that you won't fall prey to boredom. Alternating or cross training is always a good idea, it helps to work more muscles different ways.

Hiking or dancing are two more alternatives that are more like fun activities, however, they certainly qualify for osteoporosis exercise. The more you enjoy the exercise or activity the better this way you want to do it, so you do it more often.

Flexibility is also a concern; therefore, other forms of exercise such as regular old stretching and Yoga need to be implemented. It's always good to stretch and do a warm up before any exercise routine.

Pilates is another great exercise as it helps improve posture which assists and improves exercise ability. In addition, osteoporosis can cause changes in posture and create a rounded shoulder effect, so we want to get a jump on this.

Whatever osteoporosis exercises you choose be sure to keep doing them. If you hit and miss it doesn't work nearly as well as being consistent.

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